FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite (11/11/20)

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Decent Dynamite tonight, if not the showiest - not sure if the storm people were mentioning on Twitter factored in, but the crowd seemed to really die down in the second half. Penta and Fenix have certainly had better matches, though the story they told here matched up with the larger one of Kingston’s influence on them both. I liked Omega’s subtle dismissal of his loss to Mox - portraying himself as the 7-star earning, best wrestler on the planet in comparison to Mox’s grimier hardcore rep doesn’t just set up a clash of styles, but also advances Kenny’s revamped, pompous sportsman persona. Lastly, not sure how this would be measured, but has Shaq ever actually helped business any of the previous times he’s dipped his toe into wrestling? I have less than zero interest in seeing Cody feud with him, but I recognize that these stunts exist in order to draw more casual viewers in.

Jesse à MTL

When I first saw Tay Conti in the Mae Young Classic, I saw a future star. In the subsequent years, I became disappointed with how NXT seemed to constrain her and not book her to her strengths. In AEW I was hoping for a reset, but I was not encouraged by what I saw tonight. I don’t want to see her act in some cult story. Tay Conti is a bad bitch. Giver her some dope grime music that she can rap along on with on the way to the ring and have her run through jobbers and lower mid-card wrestlers with some badass judo and BJJ-inspired moves. She’s still rough around the edges, but I’m convinced she can be something special if her strengths are fostered properly.
Do you agree with this assessment or am I way off?

Btw, how confused was John during the Inner Circle segment? Some guy randomly reciting Drake lyrics? How weird is that?

Take Care

Erin from Brampton

This was a pretty entertaining show from start to finish!

I loved the Inner Circle induction segment. MJF “indirectly” quoting Drake had me howling. Aside from it just being funny, I liked how they still furthered the story of the other inner circle members not trusting MJF.

The woman interrupting Cody (forgot her name) was very awkward. I understand her purpose was to be ominous, but she spoke too long without any substance. I lost interest very quickly, as I was initially excited for Cody to address his old friend, MJF.

By the end of that segment, after the others got involved, it made Darby look like the side kick to Cody. Is that really how the new TNT champion should look when standing next to the former? And did Will Hobbs forget his queue to enter the brawl? Him running out last minute did nothing but remind me that he’s on the roster.

On an unrelated note, did you guys here about ticketmaster exploring the idea of customers verifying their covid vaccinations before a purchase? As people who cover live sports, what are your thoughts on this? Personally I think it’s a neat idea, but seems like it could come with tons of complications.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and stay safe!

The fallout episode of Dynamite had set the table for some major stuff down the road. Penta and Fenix once again delivered with the former evening the score in the main event. Eddie Kingston driving a wedge between the Lucha Bros led to the return of PAC. Elsewhere, MJF’s initiation to the Inner Circle was funny, complete with Drake-style poetry.

The Bunkhouse brawl with Natural Nightmares and The Butcher and the Blade was bloody fun with QT Marshall standing out. The imminent debut of Shaquille O’Neal to AEW is intriguing. Brandi Rhodes snapping on the mic was hilarious. Moxley and Omega facing off on free TV for the AEW title sounds PPV-worthy. The lights will be kept on for this one. I do smell a title change on Deoember 2nd.

Solid show.

Ryan from Greensboro

There was a lot of good and a few awkward moments tonight. The Tony Khan tweets really upped the ante of what to expect at the end of the show to the point that PAC’s return, a major development, seemed like a disappointment.

Speaking of that angle and match: Kingston first came in as a full time character trying to repair the Lucha Bros relationship, and his being blamed for them having more tensions feels like a rare continuity lapse, especially because they didn’t really do the storytelling work to get there organically - it felt like something out of WWE where they have to have the announcers tell you the story heavy handedly. Similarly, the Bucks challenging a team they’d already previously been announced as facing felt like a WWE style little error that you don’t tend to see out of AEW.

The Cody segment was messy, the Inner Circle segment was fine… ultimately the show felt of the normal quality, though, with good in ring work all around and some interesting storyline progressions. Excited for the Omega/Mox main event in a few weeks and to see where a few key storylines go. That said, the little things pushed it down to a 7.

Noah from Vaughan

Seeing Pac back in AEW was awesome. He’s really been missed and with all the new additions to the roster since hes been gone there are no shortage of great fresh matchups for him in the coming months. Since I notice the little things, I was pretty impressed by the new graphics/intro/fonts on the show, much cleaner and fresh look than their previous designs. I thought none of the matches were spectacular by dynamite standards, but all were entertaining and the show flew by. 8.5/10 show tonight. With them doing Kenny and Mox on December 2, do you think it would have been better off to hold that until their next PPV? Although 4 months is a long time to wait

Paul from New Jersey

Enjoyed the opener between Cage and Sydal. Tazz does a fantastic job on commentary as well as playing his character. I don’t know who Jade Cargill is, but man, she was awful. The opposite of awful, is MJF. This guy would have no problem in Hollywood. An enjoyable episode after Full Gear.

Life is good for MJF, yes indeed.