FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/15

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johnny from saskatoon

tuned in for the last half of the show, I was on toddler sleep duty tonight

The Young Bucks vs. Penta and Kommander was a great match, the first bit seemed a tad off but once they started rolling i was seeing full glimpse into a PWG style match, definitely the match of the show

the street fight given what it was, it was chaotic but maybe not in a great way. Paul Wight’s bump looked horrible to take at his age, hope he’s alright even if he was kayfabe injured. Ibushi is slowly looking back to form, you could tell he was tapping into his inner DDT with this match, next to Paul Wight, Ibushi might’ve taken the harshest bump on that bike

but for some fun context, Takeshita came out dressed up as Majima from the Like a Dragon games

Kiryu Kazuma was the cardboard cutout that Jericho had in front of his face at one point, the props are all homages from the game and the bicycle is one of the more fun weapons you can use

thanks and hopefully John gets some rest! also the most recent mcu l8r had me howling, WH, Rich, and Nate are a perfect storm of hilarity

Sal from California

I haven’t watched Dynamite yet but just wanted to say I really loved John’s interview with Chris Hero this week. John always does great in interviews and Chris is such an interesting guy. I’ll be at the West Coast show on Friday and can’t wait to see Hero in person again.

Have a good night!

Shane from San Jose.
Just popping in to say that as a huge Ryu Ga Gotoku fan that street fight was such a fun mess. The props, the entrance screen with npc animations, the BICYCLE SPOT. Shout out to Kenny Omega for making that happen.

At this moment who do you guys think the devil is if you had to place a bet on it?

Andrew from Cape Breton

Advertising is funny. It’s something most people don’t enjoy but tolerate due to the support of their favourite products. It’s essential in many places to get paid properly. It’s seen as a necessary evil. Tonight, it was a brilliant part of the show. Sega must be ecstatic. From cosplaying as people in a video game to Brian Cage’s love letter to Sega with his tights, The Like a Dragon Street Fight may be the best advertising in wrestling I’ve ever seen. I can see Tony Khan showing this to other potential advertisers in the future. If the talent is all in on a product, this is what you’ll get. Sadly, I can’t buy the game because I only own a Nintendo Switch and numerous older consoles.

This match, and the match with the Young Bucks vs Kommander and Penta seemed like a response to the recent criticism of AEW that it’s becoming WWE Lite. You will never see that on WWE television. Great episode tonight.

Cory from Long Island

I don’t watch Dynamite live these days - I just find that most of the time for me, weekly wrestling programming just isn’t appointment viewing anymore. Today was a different story.

A couple months back I suffered a bad case of hip tendonitis and had to rehab it for about 3 months. In the time where one of my biggest hobbies - Running - was taken away from me, I decided to go back to my trusty standby of video games in between rehabbing. Long story short, 4 months and over 200 hours of Yakuza games later, I found myself about to beat the final boss of the latest Yakuza/Like A Dragon game “THE MAN WHO ERASED HIS NAME”, only to get a text from my friend that the LIKE A DRAGON: THE MAN WHO ERASED HIS NAME STREET FIGHT was about to begin. I promptly paused the game.

This match was sick. Takeshita and Cage coming out dressed up like Majima from Like A Dragon and Axel from Streets of Rage? The streets of Kamurocho on display on the videotron? Acts of violence being performed with a bicycle? All of this was tailor made for me to cackle loudly. There were so many stupid and gnarly bumps in this match, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off it for a second. Paul Wight and Kota Ibushi are really in their incredibly washed old guy wrestler era, and you know what? That’s sick. Was this match a mat classic? No. Would I tell most sane human beings to go out of their way to watch it? No. Was the match good? Maybe! Will it get me to go out of my way to buy this game? I just beat it and the credits are rolling as I type this. But you know what? This match was sick; and that’s what really matters.


Jordan from the Bronx

I was on baby duty during Dynamite, and perhaps my views on things may be altered due to lack of sleep. I’m finding that the recent stretch of AEW shows have lost some of their lustre. I’m still entertained, but nothing feels must-see. I can say that going into the PPV, I’m interested in Swerve/Hangman and the development of the Devil Mask storyline (which I’m maintaining my prediction that it’s Adam Cole).

The street fight was a fun chaotic mess, but I couldn’t understand the point of Paul Wight’s involvement in the feud if he was only going to be taken out in the back within the first third of the match. He didn’t factor into the win in any way, and the bump seemed more dangerous than it was worth.

The Like a Dragon Street Fight had some of my friends who are fans of the game interested in watching Dynamite this week, and they had a blast. I have no idea how the fight looked to non-Yakuza fans, but it brought us great joy to see Takeshita don an eyepatch and snakeskin jacket while throwing bicycles at people. I hope SEGA got their money’s worth!

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So, short list - but the question needs to be asked… Was tonight’s sponsored street fight the best “sponsored” gimmick match we’ve seen across AEW and WWE?

I’m leaning towards yes… Better than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match, Pitch Black Mountain Dew match, and Army of the Dead lumberjack match… What am I missing?

Cody From Maine

Hangman delivers “fired up” promos better than just about anyone else in wrestling today. Honestly he might be the best. I get the home invasion was a bit goofy to some, but for me the build to this rematch with Swerve has been great. Seems like a shoe in for match of the night.

Credit as well to Red Velvet and Skye Blue as well. While it wasn’t a perfect match, they worked really hard for the ten minutes they had. Hopefully those opportunities to sink or swim for the women’s division continues after another year of disappointment from a large part of the audience.

Really fun show tonight. I’m sure the PPV will deliver as they typically do. And fingers crossed that the major signing is in fact a major signing. I’d hate to see someone like Chris Hero or Vikingo get roasted online because they’re not Will Ospreay or Mercedes Mone.

Oh shit, forgot about that. A great one for sure.