FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 2/9/22

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Welcome Keith Lee and switchblade Jay white to AEW where everyone gets their offense in. I guess they couldn’t have 4 squash matches on one show but did we really need the undefeated champion, the new signee, and the guy in the batista role all have matches that were longer then they needed to be, against opponents that they should defeat quickly?

Anyways the tag match was really good. The shooting star press was cool and the main event was alot of fun. Keith Lee looked really good. That throw of cassidy across the ring was impressive.

Thanks guys

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Brian from New Jersey, live in Boardwalk Hall tonight.

Another incredible live experience from AEW, and we still have Rampage to look forward to. Surprised that they didn’t start the show with the big surprise, which didn’t come until nearly an hour later, but MJF’s entrance cracked me up. AEW’s live promos have been a lot more hit than miss to me. Keith Lee’s arrival had me smiling ear to ear, Jay White’s appearance was a cool surprise, Punk & Moxley vs. FTR was my match of the night, and the main event was a big ol’ spectacle.

Dark Elevation matches included appearances by Thunder Rosa, Ruby Soho, Dante Martin, and a 10-man tag pitting the Dark Order vs. Daniel Garcia, 2point0, and The Acclaimed.

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Jon Mox teaming with Punk not only pisses of The Pinnacle, but also his “friend” Eddie Kingston who doesn’t like Punk and Danielson who wanted to be the “veteran” Jon teams up with. Mox has more possible opponents coming up than Dolph Ziggler does on The Road to WrestleMania.

One of the best dynamites yet.

Wardlow stole the show in the first segment with amazing facials, Andrade couldn’t call him MR STINK to his face, king switch showed up, Keith Lee showed out, and that was just hour one.

That tag was a classic, and as a huge fan of archer, that was probably his best aew match so far.

Only thing that felt clunky was the inner circle segment, but Ortiz and Santana saved it at the end.

9/10 show, can’t wait for next Wednesday

Johnny from Saskatoon

After the main event, all I could think about was that ring crews in all companies deserve to get more props because I’d reckon they have a heck of a clean up to deal with to get ready for Rampage, assuming it’s taped tonight.

Keith Lee is a very very welcomed addition to AEW’s roster, AEW’s roster is stacked with fast and agile talent, but Keith Lee’s in-ring style is totally unique, can’t wait to see where they go with him

Lastly, the FTR vs Mox and CM Punk tag match was a great match. The whole premise of it is a crazy thing to wrap my head around, FKA Dean Ambrose tagging with CM Punk who is in his first year of wrestling after a 7+ year hiatus versus FTR on TBS the former home of WCW.



I was honestly shocked when the show opened with two talking segments but seeing the whole picture, the build and pacing to the show was excellent. I do hope that they have a Red Cross truck on hand for Hangman’s title defences because he just seems to gush the red stuff by the pint in every match.

There must have been a million “how to you screw up Keith Lee” tweets I saw but honestly… HOW DO YOU SCREW UP KEITH LEE??? The man has an aura like no other and only needs to walk down the ramp to feel like a rock star.

Jay White has teased wanting to fight Adam Cole on NJPW, so I’ll be curious to see how long he sticks around and how strong their alliance really is…

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To whom it may concern

Hey guys by the time you read this rampage will be over and I can finally return to my lair but before that I just wanna speak on the show tonight, it was phenomenal. I thought it was gonna be a good show but not like this. This show was nuts from the tag match with punk and mox to the opening segment to the Texas death match. It absolutely overdelivered. The energy in the crowd live for the main event was apocalyptic. Oh I forgot Keith Lee and Jay White. They have to come back. Also jade hitting the tour of the islands was sick. Thank you for listening and feeling my struggle while I type these words. For whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee. Anyhoo


Nah I’m good great show talk soon

Brandon Frm NJ aka the real royal rumble contest champ


A newsworthy outing with a helluva one-two with Keith Lee and the Switchblade Jay White appearing. Hangman Page worked the Texas deathmatch with a chip on his shoulder and he wasn’t gonna get overshadowed. A thrilling main event, I wanna add.

the MJF celebration was obnoxiously amusing. Wardlow’s annoyance was palpable and increasingly more apparent and I got to see Blanchard get the GTS and the inner circle’s come to Jesus meeting was gripping.