FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/25/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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A masterclass in what two veterans are able to accomplish against all odds.

Rafael from North liberty.

Only highlights from me tonight Cody on commentary was great, Omega Vs Guevara was fun, Sammy kissing the Brandi picture was hilarious. Hardy and Jericho are magic together, Jake the snake all of it, and Brodie Lee as Vince is genius. Using his time in WWE as inspiration for the Dark Orders cult is something that I couldn’t have expected but love. Here’s hoping that Brodie Lee yells at his underlings for not being able to do a southern accent. Keep up the great work guys stay safe.

Andrew from Cape Breton

I am feeling the lack of crowd this week. AEW was a pretty good show, but the crowd certainly helps it. This week wasn’t a bad show, as it was used mostly to put over some of the main event talent, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Now is the best time to have enhancement matches considering that there is no crowd. Every match felt like it was one to put talent over and it accomplished that. The highlight of the show was how they seem to be turning Brodie Lee into what Vince McMahon is supposedly like in real life and using him as a cult leader. I guess if he started calling all the Dark Order members “pal” it might be a little too on the nose. Decent show overall, 6 out of 10. AEW does seem to be having an easier time working with their restrictions. Not a fan of the handshakes though, but then again, they are rubbing up against each other wrestling.

Noah from Vaughan

Hope you guys are doing well, I thought it was another good show for AEW under these tough circumstances. Loved the Roberts promo and the way they handled Brodie Lee on this show with the video and match. Kenny and Sammy killed it and jericho arguing with a drone was hysterical. 7.5/10 I thought it was kind of interesting they didn’t promote anything for next week (although cody mentioned Archer would have his debut match) because they usually at least promote one or two matches, do you think this means they are unsure if they will be able run next week.

Alexander from Portland

The main event promo was made much better by the lack of audience. The teleportation cuts for Hardy, the lack of pauses for the crowd, the wrestlers not having to hold microphones. It felt real, or at least as real as a Matt Hardy promo can be. While Harper didn’t impress me as much as he could have, I’m still very interested to see how The Dark Order will work within AEW. Remember the brawl they had with The Elite a few months ago that went nowhere? That’s gotta be a destination again. My question, how long do you think Harper will/should be undefeated? I feel he’ll win a few feuds before taking his first loss in a title match against Moxley.

OK show tonight, but let’s get to the point:

This Brodie Lee thing is pathetic. For weeks the elite were telling us to “wait and see” with the Dark Order, but they somehow found a way to make a group no one liked even worse.

The guy is decent in the ring, but his gear makes him look like some create a wrestler. I’m not saying he should be in a tank top and jeans, but the singlet doesn’t work for the gimmick at all.

With all that’s going on in the world right now, do we really need a “Vince hates sneezing LOL” gimmick? This is worse than billionaire Ted.

All that said, Sammy is the best 7 out of 10

Wackiness done right:

Alex Reynolds SNEEZING and getting kicked out by Vince…Brodie Lee.
Vanguard 1 snooping on Nick Jackson who’s social distancing at his home gym.
Sammy with his own make shift crowd for his match.
Brandi’s reaction to Sammy making out with the cartoon picture.
Jericho cutting a promo on a freaking Van"guard" 1.
Matt Hardy teleporting through an empty crowd.
And pyro finally appearing to scare Sammy and Jericho at every turn.

AEW is a creative arcadia indeed.

Didn’t enjoy this weeks episode much. Thought the first hour was dull as dishwater with three uninteresting matches made even worse by the lack of atmosphere, though Darby’s homemade promo was great. I like Jake Roberts delivery, incredibly captivating, but the content of his words are a little shallow considering it basically amounts to an old man begging a star to give his guy a match.

Omega/Sammy overcame the lack of crowd to deliver a very good match and the easy highlight of the show. I hate the last segment though. Jericho arguing with the drone was amusing enough, but everything with Matt Hardy was terrible, like watching a middle aged life long drama student finally get to perform his self written and self produced play and it’s awful. If these are the sort of ideas he was giving to Vince then no wonder we never got them on WWE TV.

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I loved the Free The Delete Series. Enjoyed last week’s debut. But tonight’s edition of the Broken Matt Hardy experiment 2.0 was a big zero for me. Fell incredible my flat. Would have been better served as Jericho visiting the Hardy compound for a chat. Pretty much every non wrestling segment with Matt Hardy should be edited video.

Like Jakes video, that was awesome.

Lot of tonight’s episode felt dumb - the backstage viewing, the guard rail comments, Brodie Lee video without the actual good tag team in Dark Order. Big miss for me tonight

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I really disliked this show. The back and forth between Matt and Jericho was cringeworthy to watch. I understand that they wanted to take more precautions than they did last week, but last week’s show really blew this one out of the water. They should really consider bringing back the performers to act as a live crowd. If they can pull it off, then they should really bring them back next week because they make a HUGE difference. The matches were dull.


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