FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/30/22

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

Another fun episode! It occurred to me today Omega, my favourite active wrestler, has been on the shelf for three and a half months and I’ve barely missed him thanks to the effective rotating of AEW’s roster.

It was a small part of the show, but the idea that Sterling has been protecting Jade by getting her booked against tomato cans is VERY interesting. I’ve long thought that Sterling is in place solely to be dumped to aid Jade’s face turn, and this could be a great way to establish Jade’s desire to prove herself against the best. Is it time for a face turn for Jade or would you stay the course?

Lastly, while I’m glad Storm is on board, TK needs to open the wallet and pay for “Barracuda” by Heart - that track is almost as much of a blatant rip-off as DDP’s theme.

Eric from Barrie.

Another stupendous Dynamite that repeated repetition again this week.

Three instances of preformers not supposed to be in the arena showing up and Three Piledrivers leading into a finish, with an attempted fourth in another match. In spite of this, every match was fantastic and its nice to see Jay Lethal in the Dynamite rotation with another match this week.

With the matches we had tonight, and what Rampage has advertised for Friday, I’m more excited for what AEW has to offer than WrestleMania this weekend.


One of the best Dynamites in the last few months. No real dud segments and a whole bunch of very good to great matches. I know everybody’s in AEW has been talking about watching Bret matches but seems like Yuta has been watching the Bret spitting on Vince replays by how that match ended.

I think Andrade has been making great strides and has really honed in his character so I was very happy to see him get the win tonight.

John and Wai, do you think AEW should consider putting Regal on commentary for rampage? He’s been so great and his chemistry with Excalibur is really good.

Good luck with Mania week guys and as always thanks for the great content!

Sal from California

I wasn’t sold on Wheeler Yuta before but tonight convinced me he has the potential to be a star. He showed some great babyface fire and the crowd really seemed to get behind him. I’m looking forward to seeing him finally earn a spot on Regal’s crew.

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Excellent episode tonight that felt packed without having so much going on that it got hard to follow. There were three examples of guys who lost but still looked great in Lethal, Yuta, and Darby, far better than they would have looked with a DQ or distraction.

Toni Storm is a great addition and it was heartwarming seeing her reaction to the crowd cheering her.

Did it look like Jeff Hardy legitimately hurt his ribs at the end? He was really clutching them and there wasn’t an in-story purpose to it. That would be awful, so I hope I’m wrong.

From Hangman’s letter after winning the championship:

With the bonus payment that comes with winning the AEW World Championship, "Hangman Adam Page will trade in his gas-guzzling truck for an electric vehicle in an effort to reduce planet-warming emissions and encourage others to make the switch when they see how badass it looks with steer horns mounted on the front or whatever.

I credit the resurfacing of the letter this week with Brian Mann. Keep up the Cowboy Shit and good luck this week!!

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