FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/6

LIVE after AEW Dynamite tonight

Samoa Joe is such a gift on the mic. And Swerve roasting Adam Cole was pretty solid.

Andrew from Cape Breton

The talent roster in AEW is pretty ridiculous at this point. I like the direction they’re going with Okada by having him heel. Money clips for everybody. And of course, the match with Ospreay and Kyle Fletcher was incredible, which could lead to another incredible match with Bryan Danielson. Speaking of Kyle, at least we know the level of the ROH Titles. Ospreay didn’t even want to go for the TV title, and the Tag champs got crushed by two guys who hate each other. I’m not sure what the point of ROH is anymore. I can see a lot of AEW’s properties getting big upgrades in the next TV deal, but what do you think the future of ROH should be? Should it stay in its current form, become a developmental, or be shuttered entirely?

It felt a new chapter tonight. Swerve is now a babyface on the chase, Wardlow is next up, Cole thinks the world title will be bestowed to him (not gonna happen). Copeland’s gonna commit patricide on Cage in two weeks in their hometown. 30 years to the day of Bret v Owen (big ups to John P. for that fun fact)

Okada sold out to the Bucks and Ospreay/Fletcher bodied it.

The American Dragon awaits the Billy goat

Does anyone think the Bucks will bypass the whole tag title tournament by putting themselves in the finals? (via an abuse of power)

They’re cooking with gasoline tonight!

What a main event! I’m so glad Ospreay was good to go to give Kyle Fletcher the match of his life, on national television. Ospreay has shone a light on members of a faction that, before Revolution, felt stagnant to me. Now Takeshita and Fletcher are back on the tips of everybody’s tongue, as they should be!
Bryan Danielson coming out during the closing seconds with that grin was great. Something tells me he’s not going anywhere. The level of competition is just too tempting to not test his mettle with.
Swerve Strickland babyface promo felt a little weird didn’t it? I mean he’s obviously a babyface by osmosis but inheriting the speak wasn’t what I was expecting from him. Not a deterrent just an observation.
Darby Allin’s promo has me convinced that he’s legit taking next week as a very possible last match. Climbing Mount Everest is no joke, and he’s doubling down on the seriousness of the undertaking. I have and always will root for Darby to accomplish his life goals. I hope that next week he’s able to give us his technical side and not so much the daredevil side. This guy has the SKILL to go against a Jay White.

And finally: The Rainmaker versus the Mad King?

Jordan from the Bronx

A new era of AEW is brewing. Heel Bucks “firing” Kenny Omega and hiring his biggest rival in Okada is fantastic. A Heel Okada and a Babyface Ospreay on American television feels like a true Bizzaro World. Add to that, Mercedes’ debut next week, Swerve as a total babyface continuing his world title quest, and an eventual Ospreay vs Danielson match in the near future? AEW feels refreshed. Tonight’s episode was a great step forward towards continuing a solid 2024.


If Swerve wins the AEW Championship in April as a face, is it too early to both turn him heel and lose the belt in August to Ospreay? I mean someone is going to the first transnational champion right?

Thanks Guys

Brian in New Jersey.

Really hot Dynamite to follow up the PPV. An episode where they crammed a lot in, but a lot of it had substance. Really good main event, the best women’s match of the week so far in Statlander vs. Riho, and some great table setting for matches for next week, Dynasty, and beyond. I think Okada’s arrival could have been presented as a bigger deal rather than a surprise, but I thought it was well done and gives Mercedes Mone the spotlight to herself in Boston next week.

Swerve Strickland referred to Adam Cole as Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget, so who would be the Inspector Gadget in AEW?



Patricide is killing your own father. Christian is not Copeland’s father.

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Good choice. John & Wai had a good one on the show with MJF.

Once again, a zinger of mine fell flat.

I’m embarrassed.

Don’t feel bad. I don’t think John & Wai caught it.