FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/17

LIVE after AEW Dynamite:

To note: Will Osprey repping neuro-differentiated folks frankly and unapologetically… By far my favourite part of AEW. What a gem. He is right, our Autism/ADHD can be a superpower :blue_heart:

I feel a little bad for the audience stuck behind the glass in that arena. At many points, the crowd went dead quiet, too.

This Jericho and Hook program lacks panache. Jericho feels pretty stale right now, and Hook’s monosyllabic promos are also a little tired.

AEW itself is even starting to feel a little dry. Like they shed their creative capital on last week’s lame stunt.

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Tenese from GA

Mox’s absence left a palpable void in recent Dynamite episodes; his unique energy is irreplaceable. It’s becoming a concern to see matches derailed before they start, especially two weeks in a row—it’s time for Jericho to consider taking a break. Deonna and Mariah’s performance fell short; however, they undoubtedly possess the potential for a much better match. Swerve’s promos aren’t hitting the mark for me lately; while he’s been satisfactory, Joe is truly shining as they head into Dynasty but the ending angle got me pumped. And surprise, surprise—Claudio and Ospreay delivered an outstanding match, making for a decent Dynamite overall.

Steve Grows Weed

Happy 420 week for all who partake.
Nice to see a lot less politics on the screen this week. Just some great wrestling and a great promo by Mox.
Closing angle kept the feud hot going into Sunday.
Do you think Chuck will side with Trent? Or will the Best Friends officially be over?

Brian in New Jersey.

I thought this was a stronger show than the past two weeks and heated things up for this stacked PPV. I really liked the main event, and I very much anticipate Ospreay finally splitting from the Don Callis Family, even though a feud with them might be a bit redundant since Ospreay has beaten all three. Good return promo from Jon Moxley, good closing segment with Joe and Swerve. Mercedes Mone needs someone talking for her, as it would fit her character and would prevent her from cutting another stilted promo. The Acclaimed-Bang Bang Gang feud is running on fumes.

There were no public airing of grievances this week, thank god. Ospreay/Castagnoli was a strong match and it took another step with Will beginning to distance himself from Callis and company.

Moxley feels fresh after his extended excursion and even though AEW has too many titles on tv. The IWGP world title is a good excuse to have on the program because of its prestige.

I’m still waiting for Mercy’s AEW run to go into another gear and this whodunit is keeping it to a snail’s pace.

I bet Hangman will cost Swerve the title on Sunday.