FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/20/22

Sorry I forgot earlier!

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No worries about missing it, returning from time off there’s bound to be some excitement :slight_smile:

I like the counter-programming of Dustin Rhodes in a high-profile match to let everyone know that Cody is not an only son.


I’m glad they have a good working relationship, but what is this going to do for all of the talent currently struggling to get any TV time, like Sonny Kiss, or all of the Women’s division?

I’m also not sure what the point of Battle of the Belts was. Shoving the women’s title program on there is just another slight on that division and at this point, we’ve given AEW all the goodwill and credit we can in how they’re handling their women’s division, despite a few signings and a couple of main events, they’ve been treating the women’s division like a secondary tier of talent.

Jealous of anyone in the Chicago area with all of the loaded AEW shows they get, and while the name is very on the nose, Forbidden Door could be an extremely fun show. It’ll be curious to see if it’s mainly tag matches like NOAH vs NJPW earlier this year, or if they do some big singles matches.

As for Dynamite, thought it was a fun show, though the pacing did feel off tonight, especially with Kyle vs Jungle Boy, the rushed Tay/Sammy & ATT promo, and even the main event to a degree.

For what it’s worth, the women’s division feels like it has a lot going on right now, with Baker making a big return, the Owen Hart starting, Jade vs Marina, Jade now having Velvet & Keira with her, Shida vs Deeb in a Philly Street Fight, the active building of Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm, and PVZ vs Tay down the line. Definitely feels like lots of progress is being made on that front, at least to me.

Question to end; if you could put CM Punk against anyone from New Japan at Forbidden Door, who would it be?

Jay from Colorado

Ok, I changed my mind. Now that they are leaning into the heel stuff, I like Sammy and Tay together. It just works better as a heel act. I’m willing to give them time to evolve it.

Also, Dan Lambert is fantastic and every time he talks an angel gets it’s wings.

Did anyone else hear Wai do a commercial in the middle of the podcast? Not sure if I was imagining things