FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/21/21

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Man Dynamite was amazing this week. Starks is so good, I’m waiting for them to pull the trigger on him. Also really waiting for HOOK’s debut feels like the company are really building it up. Penta wearing a batman version of his mask and it’s funny with Sue being introduce and becoming a massive babyface for the fans it’s easy heat with an insult from the heels. The improvements of Tay since joining AEW has been incredible and now the build for Britt vs Shida begins. Also how great is it that Dynamite can main event two young talents and not need to rely on Omega, the Bucks, Mox and Jericho in matches for their main events or the entire card. Jungle Boy had my favorite match in Cody’s open challenges and he has my favorite in Darby’s. The future is bright for AEW.
Question will we finally get Omega coming out at Dynamite with the AEW, Impact and AAA titles next week, despite it being a taped episode?

So, an overall good show tonight. Obviously, they’re setting up Hangman Page to be Kenny’s opponent at Double or Nothing, which should be a great match and a good story leading up to the match with the Elite kicking him out months ago, now Hangman being the only person who can stop them. Are Penta and Lance Archer heels or faces? The death triangle are babyfaces but Penta seems to be more of a heel and Lance saved Darby and Jungle Boy tonight. The Moxley-Kingston segment with the Elite was bad and confusing. Was there another tape that was supposed to be played, showing the Elite running out of the trailer? I thought it made both Moxley and Kingston look really stupid. Question-Im seeing Blood and Guts being similar to War Games with the two rings surrounded by steel cages but I’m sure AEW will have some different things in the match to make it different, what are some of your guesses as to what they could do in this match to make it different from War Games?

A solid show. The two title matches were very good. Shida/Conti, in particular, had me on edge with the near-falls in the homestretch. In my opinion, Britt Baker has waited in the wings long enough and I think she should get the title match at Double or Nothing. Hangman vs Starks was strong and The Inner Circle/Pinnacle promos were terrific. Jericho was a little off his game with the show tune bit, However, Santana showed good poise, as well.

I found it a missed opportunity to not have Rich Swann appear, considering his big title match vs Omega at Impact’s Rebellion show on Sunday.

By the time you read this, I’m certain you will have mentioned it already but what the hell is supposed to be going on with AEW and Impact. They’ve had weeks to build up the match between Omega and Swann and they’ve done almost literally nothing. They could have at least played the clip of the press conference. It’s an exciting story and it explains why they haven’t moved to establish a clear opponent for Kenny. At this point, I’m kind of hoping that Swann wins just for the chaos it would cause.

Ok, now that I have that off my chest, this was a really good show. It’s very clear that Hangman is the top contender for the world title but I get the feeling that he will continue to be hesitant to actually ask for the match because of his own insecurities. Page continues to be my favourite character in wrestling.

I also loved the women’s championship. Both Tay and Shida are excellent in the ring but I thought they built a good story with Tay pushing the champ so hard that Shida started to get quite rough. It felt like she was playing a low-key heel for the latter part of the match. The walk-on by Britt at the end was exactly what it needed to be: we knew what was coming, so we didn’t need a big explanation.

With the under 30s Starks, Page, Conti, MJF, Jungle Boy, and Darby Allin having strong outings tonight, it seems clearer than ever that AEW should not have any trouble establishing new stars. The future of the company looks great.

Not to end on a negative note but I really hope that this is the last time I see a chair shot directly to someone’s head. Yes, Comorotos looked like a monster, and yes the chair was gimmicked and made of light wood, but it’s something that’s best left in the past.

Not a weekly viewer, but Jungle Boy v Darby Allin is one of the few “dream matches” AEW has for me. The match was very good, but could do without the shenanigans.

As for the rest of the show, that Inner Circle promo was atrocious, MJF is great as always, the women shined, and Powerhouse looked good.

The big question I have coming out of this show is: WHEN DID BILLY GET HIS GUNN BACK?

6/10 show

I’m on vacation in Florida and was at the show live tonight, overall a great experience, some live notes

Looked to be between 300 to 400 people in the crowd not including the wrestlers in the front. Most people were wearing mask but would pull them down at points

Ricky Starks landed on top of his head from that German Suplex and everybody thought he broke his neck, happy to see him pop back up

Dark Order was over every time they came out

People in my section hated Austin Gunn every time he started a chant and chanted shut up Austin at him, they where happy to see him get taken out by the factory

Moxly and Kingston got loudest pop of the night even though they did not appear live

Crowd was 50/50 for Hobbs and Christian, surprised to hear boos for Christian

Idk if it will come across on tv but there was a guy in the audience named Sal with a replica TNT title that Justin Roberts would interact with during the commercial breaks and the crowd was chanting his name threw out the night for some reason

Surprised there were no tag match’s on the show.

Sting gave a rara promo after the cameras cut off, but it was cringe inducing when he tried to start an AE Dub chant, Archer had stings bat and was teasing hitting Darby with it before giving it back to Sting.