FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/24

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Tenese from GA

I’m not sure if it was at Daily’s Place or on TBS, but the audio issues were noticeable. The opener between Swerve and Kyle was a blast, and thankfully Swerve’s foot issue wasn’t too serious. However, I do wish there had been more follow-up after Swerve’s big title win; a strong promo would have been perfect. Deeb stepping up as Toni’s next challenger due to Yuka Sakazaki’s injury, while still advancing the Mina/Mariah program, is acceptable. The Gauntlet was simply fantastic, and it got me excited about the potential for future single matches with these talented wrestlers. That closing angle was a hell of a way to end the show, and they’ve finally elevated Jack Perry to that star level they’ve been aiming for. TK can take a bump. Overall, it was a damn good Dynamite.

Andrew from Cape Breton

A very eventful edition of Dynamite. I loved the closing angle. I wasn’t looking forward to Tony Khan doing anything on TV as he’s incredibly awkward and a bad actor. And while some of that was there tonight with his selling, I liked what they did. They did a great job of smashing over this new top heel stable, in a way they couldn’t with the Undisputed Kingdom when they were revealed. I still don’t want Tony as a character going forward and he should be off TV in storyline for a while. But I thought it did a great job establishing them and Jack Perry could be a World Title contender after this. This isn’t the type of angle you can do often, if ever again, but I thought it was done well tonight.

Another part of the show I liked was the Casino Gauntlet match. I like the idea of an unknown amount of wrestlers coming out and the first fall winning the match. They had a lot of cool matchups, like Ospreay vs Kommander and Kyle O’Reilly. I was surprised Ospreay won, but I think they want to have all their titles on top guys. Right now, Swerve, Adam Copeland and Kazuchika Okada are champions, and if you’re gonna have all those titles, put them on top guys. Overall, it was one of my favourite episodes of Dynamite all year.

Kurtis from the 519-

Didn’t get to see much of Dynamite tonight as I decided to punish myself by watching the Leafs game. Made it in time to catch the closing angle of the show, and seeing TK take a bump, oddly cheered me up more than I expected it to. When AEW first started TK stated multiple times he would not be an on screen character on the product. Curious to see where this goes next and who comes to the aide of TK. Question for Wai mainly on his thoughts on AEW’s recent production. It seems as if they have been trying some new shots/styles compared to prior, curious on your thoughts on AEW’s production as of late

So, Kenny is getting laid out with a Rainmaker in Winnipeg next week, huh?

I’m excited to see where this hostile takeover by the new Elite goes.

Also, hopefully Tony is wearing a neck brace at the draft tomorrow…

Cody From Maine

Great edition of Dynamite that was capped off by a really interesting closing angle. Since AEW’s inception there’s been discussion over the idea of a heel authority figure being introduced, especially after Tony did his heel schtick with TNA. To which many people pleaded for said character to not be Khan directly. And I’m excited for the way they’ve gone about it.

Will it be different enough from the way other companies have portrayed heel authority figures over the last near 30 years? Time will tell.

That does raise a question from me though, were McMahon and Bischoff the first two examples of on-screen heel authority figures in wrestling? Or were there other’s in different promotions that don’t get discussed as much while the WWF had an on-screen neutral figurehead like Jack Tunney?

Chris Leone

This show compared to Dynasty shows the stark contrast to AEW PPVs and weekly TV. Dynasty was a captivating, excellent show and Dynamite, particularly the second hour, was an absolute train wreck.

We get a gauntlet match where the announcers tell us about a dozen times they have no idea what is going on or who is coming out. Then they have Ospreay win, and I’m sure that match with Strong will be fantastic, but they are getting even more bogged down with all of these midcard titles. Having megastars like Ospreay and Okada holding secondary titles isn’t doing Swerve many favors three days into his title reign. Oh and also the top champion of New Japan main evented this show, not the top champion of AEW.

And what exactly are we supposed to take away from that closing angle? That Jack Perry is a piece of crap and CM Punk was right for choking him out? To me there has been a widening gap between the quality of the PPVs and the booking on weekly TV and I think it got a lot wider this week.

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Robbie from London, Ontario

Part of me wonders if Jerichos been watching some Impact from 2 years ago and enjoyed Brian Myers’ Learning Tree, funny since they feuded with W. Morrissey lol but in all seriousness, awful TK bump aside, I’m loving the reintroduction of Jack Perry, he seems like a star, whatever was needed seems to be worth it. He’s our Scapegoat.

Question, did you guys see Yota Tsujis comments on the IWGP title match this week? Thoughts?

ZOO-bin from the unceded and traditional territories of the Squamish and Tsleil Waututh (SLAY-waTOOTH) Nations- North Vancouver,

Secondly, thanks to John and Brandon for your awesome continued coverage of the McMahon-Grant suit. I hope the fact it’s likely going to arbitration doesn’t allow McMahon to slither out of having to face serious repercussions for his actions.

Awkward transition but fun show! I especially enjoyed the new concept of the Casino Gauntlet. Hoping Tony will continue to play with new concepts like this in the future.

Wrestling aside I’d love to hear some brief reactions to what you’ve seen in Xmen ‘97 thus far.

Thanks for the all the awesome coverage!

Never a dull moment whenever AEW runs through Daily’s Place. The closing angle with Perry and Khan is bound to have a divisive reaction. There’s no grey areas when it comes to the Bucks.

There’s no escaping death, taxes and Jericho making another faction. It’s been five years of this rerun: DO SOMETHING ELSE!

Ospreay/Strong is a solid pit stop for Vegas. Mercy big-timing Willow once again makes me want to see Willow beat her in Vegas. Whodunit be damned.

It was neat to hear Daily’s Place chant “Whoop that Trick”. Trick Williams transcends companies :slight_smile:

Why do you keep calling her Mercy, Magan?

Brian in New Jersey.

Fun show overall. Sucks to see Hobbs get hurt. Good opener, but I would have liked to hear Swerve speak even more. I thought the Casino Gauntlet Match was a fun concept with the right mix of guys. I’m liking the storytelling within the hopefully-splintering Callis Family. Mina Shirakawa oozes charisma.

By gawd they did a physical angle with Tony Khan. If I may fantasy book a little, I think Kenny Omega’s return next week will see him become a kayfabe authority to oppose the Elite, as he’s also an EVP, and if he’s getting surgery it’s a role that doesn’t require his presence every week. He can recruit others to opposed the Elite, and I was reminded in the chat that the Motor City Machine Guns might be available.

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It’s short and easy to say like a nickname.

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Well you could also use her last name.

I know. Besides…Mercedes Martinez still exists (behind a paywall but that’s neither here nor there)

Nav from Milton

First time, long time.

So does Mercedes Mone just skip past the whole ranking system now and get a shot at the title?

Solid gauntlet match and a great idea.

As a balding man myself, I admire the courage that Moxley had to shave his head.

Kudos to Tony Khan for trying to sell a punch to the gut by losing consciousness for a moment. He made up for it though with the TK driver.

Thanks for all the countless hours of news and entertainment over the years. You guys are the best in the business.