FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/28/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?
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Excellent episode overall. Day and night compared to Monday night Raw. No weekly wrestling show needs to be three hours, makes it such a slog.

Loved the opener with Brian Cage and Hangman. Two of my favourites.
Penta needs a new bit how many times a match does he have to say Cero Miedo? Excellent wrestler though.
The parlay also felt authentic and real and was just plain awesome. Complete opposite of Braun and Drew the other night
Also Wai I loved the Felix “the cat” Potvin reference the other show haha

Thanks for all you guys do. #21 Peter Forsberg signing out

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Steve from Cambridge

I Didn’t watch Japan so this is my introduction to the Bucks and Omega and nothing they’ve done has impressed me.

The Bucks are just the Rockers but way worse actors.

Kenny has moments but he seems awkward on tv.

Did Kenny say motherfucker in the limo?

I can’t rewind but I swore that’s what I heard.

Orange Cassidy is so fun.

The Pinnacle & Inner Circle parlay was awesome.

Bringing the kids into it got weird but whatever. The rest was crazy effective.

MJF is the new Flair to me.

Jericho hit another home run.

Tully almost ruined the whole flow.
Good thing Jericho is a pro.

I think TNT took the Picture in Picture off when the sign talked about having blood on hands.

I’m not into the alien.

I’ve never really understood the Nightmare Family.
Who’s in it? What is it?
How did Billy Gunn end up in this??

This QT guy?! Was he on the show at all before he turned on them? I don’t remember ever seeing him.

That segment was so long dude.

“Figure four on top of the bus!!”
Ya… so daring.

Miro is doing everything right now. Loved that he forgave him. Creepy as fuck.

Darby’s cool.
Ethan Page shouldn’t have bothered interfering in the match if it barely played a factor.

Next week looks awesome!!


Jesse from the 6

Fact Check: The “Summer of Love” was 1967, not 1969. And the 5th of May is firmly within spring, not summer. Jericho must feel mighty embarrassed right now.

2 Questions:

  1. Do you think AEW relies too heavily on five or six guys in terms of airtime? The Daniels & Kazarian angle is a great story. . .but they haven’t really told the story because SCU has hardly been on TV. Personally I’d like to see a little more variety than seeing Kenny, The Bucks, Moxley, Jericho, MJf, and Darby every single week. Maybe it’s more a symptom of taping two shows in a week, so they just reuse the same guys?

  2. Do you really think TNT will air NHL on Wednesdays? I assume that’s when ESPN would want to air the premium Wednesday night game(s), so wouldn’t it make more sense for TNT to pick another night? Wouldn’t TNT want their own night to feature hockey stars like Alex Ovechkin and Andrew Ference?

Take Care

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Seeing Brian Cage give Hangman his first loss of the year felt like it came out of nowhere but because it’s AEW and not Raw, I believe it’s something that will play into a storyline.

I had forgotten that Moxley had issued his challenge to Nagata, so finding out that we’ll get that in a couple of weeks on Dynamite (rather than on NJPW Strong) was a great surprise. I don’t understand, though, why New Japan, AAA, and NWA can have title matches on Dynamite but they can’t talk about Kenny winning the Impact world title beyond brief mentions. At this point, I’d just like an explanation, even if it’s just “we don’t want to” because I just want to feel like they’re aware that it’s weird.

Although the build to Blood and Guts has been quick, I think the promos tonight were so good that having more time could not have me more excited to see what happens.

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Based on the lack of feedback, I’m very curious to see what the rating for this weeks episode is going to be. 4 responses for an episode of Dynamite seems incredibly low.

Love the Andrew ference reference lol how do they screw that one up

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