FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/29/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

Excellent heel
promos from MJF & DOCTOR Britt Baker. Nice to see Shawn Spears come up on the winning end for a change. The show moved pretty quickly and had enjoyable commentary. 7.5.

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Rory from the Poconos, Pennsylvania.

I really enjoyed tonight’s Dynamite. Cody and Darby tore the house down. It was funny to see Billy Gunn save Brandi after her bump with Allin. I thought the ending made Darby look a bit foolish getting pinned so easily, similar to when Austin pinned Owen Hart at Summerslam 97 after he hit an impactful move. The overall match ranked up there with their previous bouts, however. I really enjoy Chris Jericho admitting his previous enemies have earned his respect as he did for Allin and other former opponents tonight.

The Scorpio Sky segments continue to impress me, highlighting the amount of passion and drive that Sky has, which I think will ultimately lead to him eventually getting a full main event push once crowds return.

The MJF segment was money as usual. MJF continues to build himself as an unlikable character but in a humorous way.

Wardlow vs. Musa continued to build Wardlow as a beast but also showed the agility of Musa which was refreshing.

The Bubbly Bunch segment again was hilarious. During these uncertain times, I’m continuing to chuckle at the Inner Circle’s comedy including Jericho’s dogs, and including the all-star panel of Vicki, Sonny Kiss, Luther, and what I think was Duff McKagan of Velvet Revolver/Guns N’ Roses fame, amongst others which put a big smile on my face.

Best Friends vs. Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian was a great match. There was a solid buildup in the previous episodes and the outside interference from Orange Cassidy and Penelope Ford was fun.

My main take away from this show was Taz’s segment detailing Lance Archer’s Blackout finishing move which transitioned to the segment focusing on Archer destroying Marko Stunt and then transitioned to Marko’s altercation with Brodie Lee leading into their match. I love when storylines blend in meaningful ways and this did just that. The Marko/Brodie match did what it was meant to, put Brodie over in a big way, but again, Jericho said that Marko earned his respect which also put him over.

Jon Moxley’s segment was great and it was cool to hear him reference his wife and Metallica in the same segment.
Dustin and Archer was a decent match, but I could have done without the blood and Dustin spitting numerous times while being in holds. The build towards the finals being Cody vs Archer was well-told by both competitors winning their respective divisions.

8 out of 10 rating. The wrestlers being in the crowd making noise, the lack of in ring promos and instead outside promos, the great commentary, and the matches promised being delivered as opposed to cancelled matches and boring title match contract signings make AEW continue to be a fun show to watch, regardless of if it’s live or not.

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Nick from Lansing

An entertaining episode with a couple of fun promo segments and entertaining matches throughout. Britt Baker is one of the most entertaining and shitty heels working today. I loved her poor make up artist silently putting up with her, and I laughed out loud when I saw her first poke her head out to listen in. Moxley was also great and I thought the match with Sabin, Havoc and the Best Friends was an exciting stand out of the night. Full credit to Dustin for taking the beating he did, the stuff at the end with the towel was very effective for me. Really solid show all around

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Raymond in Sacramento, CA

I would guess that the finish to the Cody vs. Darby match is the most controversial thing to come out of this episode. I liked how it was almost a reversal of the tactics in the Jan 1st confrontation (Cody doing the coffin drop on to Darby who got his knees up), but this time crafty Cody used his smarts to turn a coffin drop in to a pin. A unique finish that I liked.

In the empty arena era, AEW has been doing a phenomenal job of mixing in tournament matches, squashes (poor Marko), character pieces, and COMEDY by Britt (she’s sooooo good) and The Inner Circle.

They made it through April swimmingly!

9/10 show.

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Noah from Vaughan

Incredible episode in my opinion, 3 really awesome matches and quite possibly the best video I’ve ever seen. Britt Baker is continuously fantastic and just so damn entertaining. The quick Wardlow and Brodie Lee matches were great as well. One of the better empty arena shows they’ve done. 9/10.

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Decent show tonight that I felt was really hurt by the lack of a crowd, even more than in past weeks. The hardcore match especially could have been a really fun car wreck match, but it just seemed dead without the crowd.

The highlight of the show for me was the Bubbly Bunch. Those things just keep getting better every week. At what point do they have to worry about these segments turning the inner circle into huge baby faces?

The only real negative on the show was the finish to Cody and Darby. With all the great wrestling minds in that company, they couldn’t come up with a finish that didn’t make Darby look like a total idiot? It wasn’t like Cody had him hooked. Darby reacted as if he honestly thought he had won.

Darby probably has the most potential of anyone in the company and they made him look like a fool. Can you imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin making that kind of mistake? 7/10

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Doug from Derbyshire, UK

This weeks’ show was a marked improvement over the fatiguing nature of the past couple of weeks of AEW. There was a flow present which really helped with enjoyment and the matches were all very enjoyable for me in spite of some messy spots and forced hijinks in the opener and main event.

It seems almost something we take for granted now, but I feel a need to point out how enjoyable the various video packages on this show were. After so many years of misfiring promos, awful soap opera and terrible skits making up the vast majority of televised wrestlings’ non-wrestling content, AEW talent really do make it look easy to get right. A strong opening package from Cody and Darby Allin, Britt Baker’s best segment yet, a gloriously daft cameo-filled Bubbly Bunch, more fine heeling from MJF, a defiant Marko Stunt saying he can take a lot more punishment yet, and a five-star segment from Moxley, I was thoroughly entertained tonight.

I also very much enjoyed most of tonight’s in-ring - blood aside - with an unexpectedly decent no DQ tag match being my highlight. I am somewhat concerned for Musa’s face which may still be attached to Wardlow’s kne, and for Marko Stunts’ general innards which may have been Black Hole Slammed out of his body as he ragdolled for Brody Lee. Wardlow, Lee and Archer all looked monstrous, Jericho and Tony got everyone over, and despite our collective issues with unecesary live shows at the moment, I can’t deny that I’m excited for the Omega/Hardy Vs Jericho/Guevara tag next wek.

8.5/10 show for me which pushed a 9, and I feel much more enthused than I did this time last week.

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Jay from Colorado

Every week I keep thinking that it’s gonna be the week that these empty arena shows jump the shark, and every week AEW proves me wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer a crowd, but AEW is truly making the best out of a bad situation. The show is still exciting despite the lack of huge crowd pops, and I don’t find the absence as glaring as it is in WWE shows. I think one of the biggest reasons for this is Jericho’s energy level. I really hope he goes to commentary full time.once he retires, in such a short time he’s already become one of the best.

Britt Baker’s vignette was her best yet. She’s totally found her home as a heel. Also the flim flam challenge video was amazing! I was a big fan of the 80’s Incredible Hulk show growing up, and any time I get to see Lou Ferrigno it’s a good day. Love that man, love this show, I love you guys. I’m thankful for AEW and POST wrestling for making 2020 somewhat tolerable.