FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/7/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Noah from Vaughan

A step down from last weeks show but a good show tonight! That jericho promo was one of his best in years, I’m so excited for the blood and guts match and with the U.S having vaccines available for anyone that wants one by april 19th, I’d imagine by may 5th when that match takes place there will be a pretty large crowd on hand to watch that take place. And I’m glad to see Tay Conti continue to get spotlight, she was great tonight! Next weeks show looks stacked, what are your predictions as to what type of viewership/demo they should do now that they arent head to head with NXT

Nick from Boston

I had Dynamite on a split-screen with Takeover so I caught the show in bits & pieces but it felt like a mixed bag. From what I could tell, there were some pretty strange storytelling beats on this episode. Why is Tyson suddenly coming to Jericho’s aid? Britt being pushed into the title conversation is a bit odd considering she lost the match with Thunder Rosa (who we haven’t really seen since). The Young Bucks being conflicted about hitting Omega with the golden trigger was bizarre. They’ve dealt out worse damage to him in prior matches when Kenny was still a face, & have been antagonized by Callis for weeks so why would they feel compelled to join him? It just seemed super abrupt.

I trust AEW enough to do a decent job explaining all of this, but the narratives on this show felt disjointed for the sake of creating viral moments. On the plus side, Jericho cut one of the promos of his career & I’m continuing to love the Darby Allin Open Challenge.

Also loved that the Inner Circle literally had to “break the walls down” in the week of Jericho’s return to WWE programming. Looking forward to next week’s stacked show.

A fun enough show dominated by mid-card matches and main event angles. JD Drake has had some great matches on Dark recently, and I thought he was a perfect foil for Darby. Similarly, Tay Conti’s really improved her stock on Dark, and has flourished in the spot afforded by Anna Jay’s absence. I know some people aren’t taken with just how many moving parts there are in the Bucks/Omega/Mox story, but I like the way it’s drawing upon so many years of history and different feuds and friendships which have run through different promotions. I’ve enjoyed Callis as the devil whispering in the Bucks’ ears and slowly undermining their confidence, and conversely Kingston once again coming out to try to protect Mox after trying to destroy him a few months ago makes for a nice redemption story, and is almost enough to make me forget about the fizzling fireworks (almost). That said, given that we’re still nearly two months away from the next PPV and presumably Omega’s next title defense, should Darby be facing some slightly higher profile opponents to give the TNT title some extra prestige until then?