FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/18/22

What did you think of AEW Dynamite: Wild Card Wednesday?

Loved the first hour of dynamite Joe vs Johnny Elite was solid. But man Konosuke Takeshita put on a fantastic showcase. If that was a title match I would put it as one of Page’s best title defense. Then having Fénix vs Kyle, it was hard to decide which match was better tonight. Excellent selling by Fénix and Kyle and that is the best clash of styles match I’ve seen in a while. Also yay for Maki Itoh but boo for her losing. Now to the negatives, 5 minute main event? Feels like the JAS-BCC promo went too long and while I applaud the realness of the Deeb promo it felt so awkward to watch. Is there a problem with AEW’s pacing? Feels like the first hour is a home run most of the times but the second hour feels rushed or dead.

I honestly cannot decide whether I preferred Hangman/ Takeshita or Fenix/ O’Reilly tonight. Both were fantastic. Maki Itoh is always loads of fun and it’s nice that we now have 300 new gifs to keep us warm until she visits us again.

The JAS/ BCC segment was clunky and seemed to throw off the pacing for everything else, creating a domino effect to the main event, which was obviously shorter than it deserved to be. Add that to the list of dangers associated with doing a really packed show, along with the risk of Excalibur spraining his mouth.

The first hour was strong. AEW continues to do everything right with Wardlow. Fenix/O’Reilly was the match of the night, their styles meshed beautifully and it was cool to see Maki Itoh again. The second hour fell apart as Dynamite’s tendency to jam pack everything reared its head once again.