FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/5/21 "Blood & Guts"

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What did you think of tonight’s AEW Dynamite: Blood & Guts?
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I usually give the QT-Cody storyline a chance but this match highlights mine and my friends biggest gripe with AEW. They tout not doing DQs and I’m glad about that but then they do stuff like QT using the belt in front of the ref after the ref threaten to DQ Cody if he used his. Then Arn punches QT in front of the ref. I get not doing DQs so there are actual finishes but then don’t do this stuff that discredits your refs and insults your audience. Other than that Blood and Guts lived up to its name. Fantastic match, great pacing and highlighted each member of both factions. Can’t wait for Sammy’s babyface singles run. Wonder how this plays for both factions going forward. While tonight had the spectacle of Blood & Guts next weeks card looks unbelievably stacked. Can’t wait for the OC vs Omega build perfect match for a full crowd.

Jackie from Orlando

I haven’t watched in a few weeks, but this episode got me to catch up and tune in. This was a one match show and for the most part I feel the Blood and Guts match was lot of meandering around and punching. My favorite spot was the spanish fly with Sammy and Spears. I think I would have overall been more affected by the match if we didn’t get blood on Dynamite with the frequency we do. On the positive side, I do think the match accomplished many things in writing Jericho off and elevating MJF to super heel status. I imagine he takes the AEW title off of whoever eventually beats Omega.

Was at the show live tonight. I am fully vaccinated and had 5 days off work so I drove about 900 miles from Houston to Jacksonville for the show.

All of the matches for hour 1 were pretaped and aired off the screen to the crowd for the live crowd. The Darby segment was the only thing live the whole first hour. Tony Khan announced this to the live crowd 5 minutes before the show started and offered refunds or being able to come back next week for just $20. Neither does me much good but hey the main event was incredible. Judas was like a religious experience.

Daily’s Place was a great venue and there are literally no bad seats in the building. Would love to come back for another show someday.

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I’m not sure about everyone else but the picture in picture really took me out of the later portion of the main event. I was really enjoying the start of the match but they kept going to commercial. I understand that’s part of the show but it was just different with this presentation than compared to say a TNT Title match where it doesn’t bother me or even the lights out match.

Also is QT on the level now where he can kick out of the crossroads? Looks like he’s challenging Kenny after double or nothing

Jake from The Windy City

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of gimmick matches, I liked the match and the finish with Inner Circle surrendering was brilliant creative… The ending could have been executed better but I like that no one submitted. Inner Circle surrendered so Jericho wouldn’t get hurt which makes sense. Wardlow I thought looked like a beast and MJF continues his trek towards that top spot. The commercials took it out for me at times and that was the only negative. There shouldn’t be that much on this big of a match. I have to add, having enough fans in the crowd to make a real ruckus for the first time in any wrestling program in over a year made a huge difference. And I’m cautiously looking forward to the full capacity crowd for Double or Nothing

Plus, the promotion for Moxley and Nagata was a real PRIDE-like fight feel to it and Moxley continues to prove why he’s the best on the mic on AEW right now. I can’t wait for that match.

9 Crimson Masks out of 10.

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Sean from Toronto

The Blood and Gut match had a good start but was marred by too many commercial breaks (even with pic-in-pic) and the finish just annoyed me (though perhaps that was the point). Also, I thought we were getting a full hour for the match and then they have TWO back-to-back promo segments beforehand.

Perhaps they should have held this off for the pay per view.


A one match show - but that match really delivered.

Just want to say… Made the mistake of going on twitter to see what people are saying. Usually the same ones.

Popular post #1 - "No more chair shots to the head!’

Popular post #2 - “Jericho’s fall was lame, landing on a crash pad! Should have been through tables or something!”

I don’t get people sometimes… Maybe no more twitter following along for me.

My only issue with the big fall spot was the camera angle they used.

Overall, loved the main event. Everything else was fine, “Blood and Guts” delivered.

Next week looks stacked.

The tone on Twitter seems to be that the main event wasn’t nearly as gory as promised, but outside of Khan bringing Necro Butcher out of retirement I’m not sure what else could have been done. The Blood and Guts match itself started fantastically, with Guevara stealing the show, but it did lose a bit of energy towards the end. While a necessary evil, the commercial breaks broke up the rhythm, and the match could have perhaps been more clearly structured around them. On paper I’m perfectly happy with the end coming via MJF supposedly threatening Jericho’s life, but a rather unspectacular fall into pillows totally undercut the Inner Circle being willing to lose the match to “protect” their leader.

In other events, between Miro’s promo and Darby’s insane tumble, next week’s TNT title match instantly feels white-hot. Miro ragdolling Darby before winning the title will help make amends for all those wasted months of Gamer Miro. The Page/Sky team has felt pretty flat in-ring and on-mic thus far - hopefully that Darby angle gives them the kickstart they need.

Maybe an odd observation, but the cage itself was the unsung hero of this show. It managed to freshen up the environment of Daly’s Place - no small feat after a full year of shows there - and the angles and colours used to shoot the mid-show promos were really cool. Might not be what AEW was hoping for, but I think I’m actually more excited for next week’s show than I ever was for Blood And Guts.


So, Blood and Guts, the match was good but I think the commercial breaks really hurt the match and for some reason, the ending was kind of anti-climatic for me. I don’t know what I was expecting but it seemed underwhelming to me. I think if they do this again, it needs to be on ppv so the commercial breaks won’t affect it. As far as matches go, I think the Britt Baker-Thunder Rosa match is still better than this one as far as match quality and violence. A Kenny Omega vs Orange Cassidy or Pac match doesn’t do much for me just because I don’t think anyone believes Kenny is losing the title at Double or Nothing. Question-Do you think AEW is beginning to run the risk of over-promising and under-delivering in some of these big matches? 7 out of 10

Noah from Vaughan

Say what you want about the ending, but I will never bash AEW for making sure a bump from that height is done safely (given what happened to Matt Hardy last year). The blood and guts match really delivered and I thought both Sammy Guevara and MJF came out of it looking like major stars, which seems to make sense given they are primed to be big parts of AEW’S long term future. Really looking forward to the possibility of Omega vs Cassidy at double or nothing with a full house in attendance. 9/10 show tonight

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Andrew from Cape Breton

I was advertised intestines and was not given said “guts”. 0 out of 10. Anyway, this match was great but it did have a few dead spots in there and maybe they wanted to do the New Japan style match where longer equals better in their minds. It seemed like the match peaked early then hit a lull. The biggest issue with the match was the final spot, and the bump onto the pillows and the steel painted cardboard looked a little hokey. It seems AEW has issues with their props department and might need a new guy to work on this stuff. Great show overall. Looking forward to seeing Miro do more in AEW as he had a great promo this week.

I really wasn’t paying attention to the first hour. I mean, I was watching, but I felt it was just filler before the main event. And no matter how great hors d’oeuvres are, the main course is what matters. And damn, that was a bloody main course. The commercial breaks sucked, but that is the format, so in guess were stuck with them.
The tag team eliminator (eliminater))?) Was pretty good though…

Omega’s promo felt really cringe worthy and forced coming from a top guy. Please keep the mic out of this mother father’s hands.

The main event started hot but really lost my interest with the commercial breaks. The ending didn’t work for me, but it works to write Jericho off. Do you see the Inner Circle members staying associated with each other with Jericho gone?

Ben from Vancouver

That main event was everything I wanted out of a War Games match - not the spot fest BS NXT versions of the match.

But I think the finish was pretty flat. The idea was good but the execution was a little off. They need to put this injury for Jericho over seriously or else it could risk being a Kanyon- type WCW waste of a bump.

Match was great, finish was off. But that was by far the loudest I’ve heard a crowd since the pandemic. And I think this match really gave Guevara a massive spotlight.

Rest of the show was solid. I hope QT can now go back to Dark, he just doesn’t have it. Miro and Omega both had good promos and I actually think next weeks show on paper looks better than this week.


What do you guys see as next for MJF? A singles program with Guevara could be a lot of fun

It’s a bit of problem when the announcers are finishing the show on something that’s supposed to look like a threat to Jericho’s career and Schiavone is already talking about Jericho coming back for revenge. Otherwise, I found the match to be good but not great. I’m not apt to criticize commercials because they’re a part of the show, but it seemed off to miss the big Wardlow entrance and the entire sequence that got them to the top of the cage. It was also kind of strange that The Inner Circle were so worried about Jericho’s possible fall that they didn’t even bother running up to get him after the bell rang - seems like after months of not trusting MJF, that would be something they’d do.

That said, the match did do a great job of making MJF look like one of the top dogs in AEW and these are moments where Guevara really gets to shine. And of course, it lived up to the blood and guts part (though I could have lived without most of the chair headshots). As a one match show, it definitely gets a passing grade. The rest of the show was mostly skippable to me, but I’m glad after a year we’re finally getting the Miro everyone wanted. I hope he’s winning next week and getting a real run with the title.


Erin from Brampton

I haven’t watched Dynamite as of late as I’ve lost interest in parts of the show (The Elite). However, I was excited for Blood and Guts.

The match itself was pretty great. It delivered on the violence , and it was quite the spectacle. The Inner Circle worked very well as babyfaces.

With that being said, the finish was very lame. They just surrendered? Was that even an option in a no DQ match?

Anyways, all I can say is that the real blood and guts match tonight was the Rangers vs Capitals game.

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Ditto, Blood and Guts did start early tonight.

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I thought Blood and Guts was very similar to the Omega/Moxley deathmatch. The match was great beforehand, but the ending visual was a bit lackluster. If I recall during the earlier portion, which seemed pre-recorded to me, they mentioned that section of the ramp was made of steel, which is obviously wasn’t when it came to doing the falling spot with someone who is 50. Maybe there could of been a better way to safely shoot it? That, and the awful picture-in-picture, or at times just full picture of commercials really made this a challenge to do on Dynamite. I felt like the broadcast version lost a little bit there.

Otherwise, it was a brutal match. Blood everywhere. Babyface team surrenders to save their leader only for him still get thrown off anyways. What better ending could you ask for?

I’m with those hating on the ending of the main event. To me the match fell apart as soon as Jericho hit the ring. The Pinnacle had Santana (or was it Ortiz) isolated, but tossed him back to the inner circle so they could essentially restart the match as a 5 on 5. At that point what was the point of the match up until then. Shouldn’t they have had someone put him in a submission and try to hold off the other 4 members until he submits? Nope they just toss him back, seemed so stupid for a heel like MJF who is supposed to be smart. Then the actual finish as soon as they climbed I knew exactly what the spot would be, thought it was dumb and it was poorly done to boot.
1.) They needed to show the fighting happening in the cage a bit to explain why no one goes up to help Jericho earlier when he is locked in the Salt of the earth, because once he was being threatened with getting tossed off the cage all of the inner circle seems up and fine to give up the match.
2.) It would have been better if the Inner Circle didn’t quit due to the threat I mean why trust MJF? They had to know he was going to do it anyway, and he did. If he hadn’t thrown Jericho off and just rubbed it in his face it would have been better IMO. Him still throwing Jericho off makes the Inner Circle look so dumb because I as the Audience knew not to trust MJF, and they were betrayed by him before and still did not know better? If you are doing the cage bump, just do it and have the inner circle quit to go get help for their friend, or to check on him or something

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