FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 6/10/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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So, this will come as no surprise, but I am a big fan of what AEW is doing. Where I previously thought they may have too many random pieces, it seems they find something for all of them to do, even Sonny Kiss and QT Marhsall (I enjoyed the video with Joey Janela).

Dynamite in general reminds me of an era in Wrestling where every segment felt like it gave the featured talent something to do, direction, and story lines progressed. I look at what AEW does and we have feuds up and down the card. It’s not that hard - even a small segment like MJF and Billy Gun sets up a reason for a match. Mid-card or even lower card acts don’t feel like cast offs because they have progressing stories. You may not like all the stories (like Colt and the Dark Order), but AEW is trying to keep their show to a proven formula. For example, it’s fun for me watching, knowing that eventually Brodie Lee and Cabanna will have a match, but getting to follow the logic on how they get there.

Have you been keeping up with BTE? I have been intrigued by the chances they have taken with it, notably giving Private Party a segment each week to film their own “cinematch” feature a bootleg boogyman and a bear. I was undecided if I enjoyed it until this past week’s episode where they filmed $12 ladder match and all the pieces from over the week seemed to play in to their “movie”. It was fun. Curious your thoughts if you’ve seen it.

Last AEW item from me - the Jericho podcast featured all the members of Inner Circle and it was a fun chat that made me realize how much these guys spend coming up with things. What seemed like a random group at first really feels like a cool stable. They had some funny bits about Tyson’s crazy friend who was part of the brawl segment.

Paul from New Jersey

“I’ve been facing unexpected challenges my whole life, an unexpected microbiology exam that I didn’t study for, aced it.” Britt Baker’s character speaks to me. Absolute gold. Shawn Spears left WWE over creative differences. How ironic as he sits in the crowd playing with his glove. Happy for Penelope Ford, she’s been improving. Probably won’t win the championship, but a good challenger for the time being. 7.

Ari from montreal

Great show loved FTR debut match and where alot of the stories are going.

Question: who will be the one to beat cody down the line…maybe MJF? Or will it be Archer?

Andrew from Cape Breton

Pretty good show tonight. A few wrestlers on the roster that I’ve seen did a good job tonight, particularly Kris Statlander and Marq Quen. They’ve had a couple of stinkers recently and it was good to see them step up and perform well. I like the TNT Title matches being the new TV title for the show and it seems Cody is using this platform to have good matches with a bunch of different people. The highlight of the night though was FTR and the Butcher and the Blade. Matt Hardy when he dresses up like his 1999 self reminds me of when Michael Hayes tried to dress up like the Hardys back in 1999. At least Hardy is in much better shape. It was a pretty ordinary episode of Dynamite but those are always good. 7 out of 10.

I loved the show tonight. My memory isn’t great, but I think that women’s tag was the best women’s match I’ve seen on dynamite. All 4 ladies looked great.

The main event tonight was wonderful, the opposite of everything I didn’t like about the Jungle Boy match. No needless blood or table stunts, just great wrestling. They told a great story and Quinn looked like a star. 10/10

One question for you guys if you haven’t already talked about it: Is there any truth to the rumor that Adam Cole’s contract is up in August? If so, do you think there’s any chance he shows up on Dynamite? Thanks.

Rory from the Poconos, Pennsylvania

Fun show as always. My favorite parts of the show was when Darby Allin (with Tony Hawk present) skateboarded off of the ladder and when Brian Cage threw Jon Moxley onto the red car that conveniently had a Florida “AEW” license plate. Penelope Ford is looking better each week and am excited to see her continue to develop. Jericho yelling “CANNONBALL!” was hilarious.

Wai and John, have you guys noticed how it seems like there are more and more fans in attendance at these shows (in the second tiers of seating)? I’m curious if they are actually fans or independent wrestlers and am curious if they also are being tested.

Doug from Tupton Classic

Another great Dynamite tonight, which got off to a fiery start and kept rolling throughout the show. I found myself really high on almost everything, with the only real let-down being Marc Quen’s nature as part of a very spot-oriented team showing through a bit in the main event, which was still a fun match regardless.

FTR vs The Butcher & The Blade was a perfect introduction to the show and the team both. The group of women we’ve been seeing since Double Or Nothing seem to be gelling nicely and though there were a few timing issues, the level of athleticism on display improves weekly, with the matches benefiting from it. The trios match was very enjoyable and the beatdown of OC post match added a more serious dynamic which the inevitable Jericho/Cassidy match needs as it builds. Finally the Sammy/Colt match was solid and advanced the Dark Order/Cabana story well. Fully assembled and bereft of Creepers, The Dark Order are starting to resemble an imposing faction.

Video packages, interviews and other segments were all of the usual high AEW quality, and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. 8.5 blood oranges out of ten from me.

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Raymond from Sacramento, CA

My feedback is short and blood orange sweet, Marq Quen was GREAT tonight.

Thanks for doing these shows John and Wai!

Noah from Vaughan

Awesome edition of dynamite tonight which started off with an excellent tag match and closed with a great championship match, in both cases the losers of those matches weren’t hurt one bit by losing. I really like the direction they are going with for the Dark Order with them seemingly bringing Colt Cabana into the mix, the dynamic there will certainly be interesting. The pace of this show was just fantastic and did a great job of progressing the stories/feuds heading into FyterFest. 8.5/10 show from me tonight. And with them only having 2 more episodes left until FyterFest I gotta say i’ve been impressed with how they have build up those shows despite only having 5 weeks to build up to it compared to PPV’s of which they have months to promote it

Matthew, Vancouver

Another good dynamite from AEW. What makes this show consistently watchable is everything has meaning for its protagonists. AEW is slowly trying to build its talent into stars, something WWE is failing to do IMO.

Highlights this week we’re the video packages for Britt Baker, Darby and Joey Janela. I’m intrigued to see where they’re going with Joey and Sonny Kiss. Brian Cage in two weeks has felt more of worthy challenger to Jon Moxley than Brodie Lee ever did.


Another solid and very watchable show.

That opening tag was awesome. Perfect tag team wrestling and I hope we see FTR get to do these style of matches more moving forward.

Orange Cassidy and Colt Cabana stories both have me interested - it’s all I really want as a fan - give these guys directions and don’t just have pointless matches to kill time.

Loved the Darby, Baker and Janela videos too.

Just wasn’t that high on the main event. Marq Quen being hurt and still doing dives non stop killed it for me, reminded me of a bad Seth Rollins match. And Matt Hardy in general just isn’t doing much for me either.