FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 7/22/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

I’ve always really liked Eddie Kingston & I thought he was absolute fire tonight. MJF continues to be a cut above the rest. Can’t say enough about his performance. Britt Baker deserves an Emmy. The women’s tag cup is a bad idea. Maybe it’s because of the horror show that has been WWE creative, but this show was so refreshing. Very little I didn’t enjoy. 8.5 Space Jam viewings out of 10.

I do like Ivelisse, but it seems like she has a lot of heat with a lot of different people. What are your thoughts on her?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

I’ve watched Eddie Kingston on and off for over a decade, starting in Chikara, and seeing him around the horn in multiple indies and Impact, and I’m glad he got the chance tonight. I’m not sure if the boots story is true, but that certainly made him out to be a babyface to me, even if he was acting like the heel in the match. This was also an impressive outing from Cody and probably his best TNT title defence to date. I like these types of AEW shows where you get a lot of building for the future. MJF and Hangman Page were impressive, as were Diamante and Ivelisse. Of course, the masks were an issue. I’ll give the NXtras credit, they wear their mask constantly where as it seemed tonight, people just gave up on wearing them in the front row. My hope is once they tape again they’ll straighten up and fly right. 8 out of 10 show though.

First Eddie Kingston match I’ve watched. Eddie Kingston’s mannerisms and movement and selling were all spectacular. Reminds me of Owens the way he entirely inhabits his persona when performing. Cody is such a good fired up Babyface and this was a great match for him. He’s now shown he can go with many different styles of opponent and have a great match each week. It reminds me of the Cena open challenge era of Raw and that being the last time Raw had week to week excitement.

MJF showed great aggression both on the mic and inring. His focus on being undefeated will likely be his claim to a match with Moxley at the next PPV.

Jericho makes the kids sad because he doesn’t care about anyone under 18.

Didn’t realize the tag match was falls count anywhere and wasn’t aware a match would start there. Hitting each other with meat is gross. That is a lot of surfaces to now sanitize. I hope they have Paul’s spray. What an amazing finish. Unbelievable. The depth and variety of the tag division is unmatched. Every matchup feels new and fresh.

Liked the Page match as a way to keep a star hot and help build a secondary finisher. Having it as a singles match is a nice way to help save tag division matches for feuds. Now next week’s card is already looking exciting with three matches built from solid segments tonight. Loved the save from FTR sowing dissension between Page and Omega.

Main event tag was ok, but nothing too notable for me outside of Jericho’s heel work. During the beat down I was thinking Serpentico was a replacement for Sammy not expecting him to be back so soon. I’m sure AEW will get some blowback for giving him such a glorified return given the circumstances, but I think it was a fun reveal. Enjoyed the walk-in from Orange Cassidy.

Crowd sounded very loud all night. Daily’s Place really has a great atmosphere for these empty shows. Loved the Shida reaction shot during Cody’s match.

This show feels like it’s firing all cylinders right now and flies by every week. They’ve gotten in to a very good rythym of moving everything forward to the next show. It’s become appointment television for me.

Raymond in Sacramento.

10/10 and that’s legit. I was floored by that episode of Dynamite.

Cody’s open challenge continues to work rest well, especially when you can bring in a guy like Eddie Kingston and let him cut a promo to open the show and announce himself. And the match was good too!

I don’t want to give a complete react to each thing on the show so I’ll sum it up like this: The people running the show love what they’re doing. The product that they put out there for two hours each week is an example of that. This is quality entertainment and lifts the spirit every week. In this day and age I appreciate that.

And welcome back Sammy. I hope you’re a better man because of all this.

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Ben from Vancouver

So happy to see Eddie Kingston get an opportunity. He’s one of the best talkers in wrestling today and that was a hell of a match with Cody. AEWs roster is so stacked that they don’t really need Kingston but he could fit in almost anywhere.

Also liked Diamanté and Ivellise. They both looked good and are desperately needed in the women’s division.

Thought the main event was a bit long, but liked the Sammy G/Serpenticto swerve.

Fun show overall 8/10

Q: What free agent women do you see AEW bringing in for the tournament?

This episode seemed to have a touch more aggression than normal wrestling shows. Perhaps as a reaction to the overly mild “extreme rules”, but there was quite a few spots that made me cringe. Tacks, barbed wire bats, missed dives through a table ( how is Pepper Parks still walking?). And anytime MJF has a mic, you know it’s gonna be gold. Dude needs a title sooner rather than later
8.5 outta 10

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Scrump from the PWTCAST

Bang bang!
Hello gentlemen, hope all is well.
I had to stop in and talk about how happy I was to see Eddie F’N Kingston on tonight’s show.
Eddie has always been an entertaining talent to watch and hopefully this is only the first of many appearances to come.

His post match promo they released online almost had me in tears with the passion that radiated through.

At an indie show here in Chicago; a fan tried to fight Eddie and Eddie proceeded to knock him out with one punch, roll back into the ring, and then get on mic to ask “where all the thick Asian and Latina women at?!”
I knew then I would be a fan of his for life.

Overall fun show.

8 Eddie Kingston’s threatening Arn Anderson’s our of 10.


Any story the entire Elite group is in is really well told. From Golden Lovers -Bucks to Kenny-Cody, and now Hangman/Kenny and the Bucks and now adding FTR. Fantastic.
And so many other long term stories and call backs to latch onto. This is a good TV show to watch. To say nothing about the wrestling.

Have good hopes for a Women’s tournament.

Regarding BTE - is it possible they are increasing the length of show to be able to show advertisers and partners increased viewing hours etc. Yes - it’s a KPI - but I did notice their toy line being sold in Walmart which seems like a good retailer to have as a partner. Maybe that Chilli’s spot is even paid for?

Noah from Vaughan

This TNT Championship has been fantastic for AEW, not only from giving chances to younger stars on the roster (Kiss, Quen, Jungle Boy) but for unsigned talent such as Ricky Starks and now Eddie Kingston, who I thought had a hell of a match on this show. I thought this show had such great pacing and got so much accomplished in setting up the coming weeks of tv. Glad to see Sammy return tonight, Inner circle just didn’t feel complete without him, that 5 on 5 match next week should be crazy good.

It Seems to me that these past few weeks AEW has really hit its stride one again and is putting on shows on par with those critically acclaimed episodes of dynamite heading into Revolution. Like Paul from new jersey said, after the extreme horror show, this was so refreshing to watch tonight. 9 butchers out of 10 blades.

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