FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/23/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Jesse à MTL

Last night, in anticipation of the forthcoming upNXT review, I watched Clash of the the Champions I. The announcers on that show were Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone and 22 years later they’re still going strong.
A year ago, AEW’s announce team looked to me to be three play-by-play guys. Of the two who are in their 60’s, one hadn’t called pro wrestling in nearly 20 years and the other’s previous job calling New Japan had been underwhelming. But now, I really like this announce team. Excalibur explains what we see in the ring, Schiavone brings a charming wonderment to the call, and Jim Ross carries the narrative. The only flaw I would say is JR’s occasional misadventures into comedy.
Has this announce team met, exceeded, or failed to meet your expectations?

Take Care

Noah from Vaughan

Another good episode of dynamite, all 5 matches delivered, matches of the night were both of the title matches. But I just wanted to give a bit of spotlight to that awesome late night dynamite which I thought was a 10/10 show, Ben Carter and Anna Jay look like future superstars for this company. I wonder if we get Cody vs Brodie 2 at the anniversary show, sure seems like that would be the case coming out of tonight’s show. 7.5/10 show tonight. With the bucks seemingly being heels now, do you guys think AEW’s going to hold off on doing them vs FTR until larger crowds return?

Do u guys think Cody came back too soon and also what do you guys think about the Lance Archer positive COVID test? Is AEW doing enough preventive measures for Covid, especially with flu season coming soon.

Andrew from Cape Breton

With 2 days off from work, I was able to catch this week’s Dynamite. It felt like quite the strong show with strong matches. I liked seeing Miro and he looked to be in incredible shape. Miro seems to fit in very well and it seems a lot of former WWE guys are finding their own niches in AEW. The only one who hasn’t fit in at all was Matt Cardona, who hasn’t been back and I don’t think is a good fit at all. Brodie Lee for example isn’t Luke Harper anymore, he’s now the man who will tell John Silver to lay the fuck down when Sue throws paper at him after botching the first throw. Miro doesn’t seem to be Rusev anymore, despite similar moves and finish. I don’t know why, but Matt Cardona still seems like he’s just Zack Ryder. He reminded me of when Rikishi and Test went to TNA. I also liked unranked Eddie Kingston getting a title match tonight with Archer being out, as they used his complaints about the battle royal as justification. Great stuff. 8 out of 10 show tonight.

But doesn’t the positive test show that they are doing things properly? They caught it before he was able to infect anyone else. (I assume, I haven’t listed to the podcast today yet).