FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 9/27

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Jesse from Cincinnati! Been checking the results on great stuff on AEW WrestleDream and the "real’ Inoki Triibute Shows by NJPW & STARDOM on October 1st 2023 even no one knows what is going to happen in Seattle can you see WWE pull “a fast one or two” with Edge or Goldberg signing “WWE Legends Deals” despite rumors of them going to AEW or even TK counter the WWE signing of Jade Cargill with Mone to get that STARDOM partnership despite Rossy (the boss of STARDOM) don’t want to work with AEW because it is going to be a interesting night in Seattle don’t sleep!

Rody Strong’s screams of “Aaaaaaadaaaaaam!!” Followed by his audible struggles with the wheelchair, breaths and grunts were my “TSN Highlight of the Night.”

I know the Righteous are new and appropriating some Wyatt Family aesthetics. They come across more like an off-brand version of the Wyatts, mixed with a little “Forgotten Sons,” So I don’t mind them doing the job for MJF in a 2-on-1.

MJF vs. Jay White should be good. I am looking forward to more promos between them. I do enjoy how Max roots most of his promos in some nugget of fan/industry discourse. It is always lovely to frame them as opponents and set a subtle “dream match” subtext. It also grounds the context in the existing wrestling media space and fandom, building continuity.

Willow Nightengale vs. Kris Statlander seems like a premium match-up, well worthy of the PPV match-up, with some time for them to have a great match. I like Julia Hart, but I don’t feel she’s had enough of a re-introduction to TV audiences to feel like she’s not just going to WrestleDream to eat a pin from Statlander. I wish more time and care were given to women’s storylines.

Sammy’s new “Scarface” aesthetic is also fun. Good refresh.

I like the Christian vs. Darby promo. I like how it’s played naturally, but they need to give each other little space and less stepping over each other’s moments.

Swerve is so good.

I am both hoping and predicting that Jade goes into NXT first for a program with Becky Lynch, who she can beat for the NXT title. She got her NXT reps, worked with their coaches, and then saw her debut on RAW or Smackdown after Mania or for Summerslam in 2024. A little extra space to acclimate and grow.

Steve Grows Weed

There was a Weed chant on AEW Dynamite. I feel seen.


Congrats Jay White for getting that chant to happen, and to Max for getting Tofu over.

Brian in New Jersey.

I thought the 3-Way and the 4-Way were both a lot of fun, and that Julia Hart and Willow Nightingale put on a good match as well. A lot of strong promo work, capped off by Swerve and Hangman ending it really strong in the second-straight show-closing contract signing on a wrestling show this week. 10-8 round between MJF and Jay White to me, and that show-closing attack on White seemed unnecessary, unless it’s a ruse by someone other than MJF wearing his mask. Real bad news about Adam Cole, I hope he heals up well, and I hope his injury isn’t the only reason we have a new World Title feud for MJF.

Jay from Colorado

Here at the show live. My friends and I wore neck braces and raised awareness for neck health. Crowd was fantastic the entire show, and it was an above average Dynamite in my opinion. Something of note, tonight’s Dynamite is the last show that will run at the 1stBank center as it’s scheduled to be torn down in the next few months. Besides the Ball arena we don’t have a lot of great options for AEW here in Denver for smaller venues so I’ll b interested to see what they run if they ever come back to Denver.


Cody From Maine

I’ve really enjoyed the build to WrestleDream and it’s tough to envision a scenario in which this PPV doesn’t deliver. And the teases for events beyond this Sunday, primarily involving Jay White, only amplifies the excitement for me. Especially when it’s likely to be revealed to be someone else leading the charge. I’ve seen a lot of people speculating BC War Dogs. But I wonder if that would be viewed as a disappointment by most.

Jordan from the Bronx

Goofy wrestling fan conspiracy theory Alert!

Adam Cole’s injury may not be as bad as reported, and this is all part of a long swerve (not Strickland). Cole wants to break MJF so that he can finally beat him for the title. Cole makes MJF wrestle more times than he ever has. Cole was willing to drop the tag titles, but MJF jumped in for the handicap match out of obligation to his friend. Jay White challenging and getting jumped by mystery devil mask ninjas will reveal itself to be a plot to frame MJF, eventually leading to Cole, along with Roddy and the Kingdom, as the assailants and completing the Cole heel turn and breaking MJF’s will.

That’s funny. How big did the crowd there look?

Not based on these photos…