I forgot to post this on time… Post-A-Wai

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Haven’t seen a feedback thread yet… The Hayter/Baker vs. ThunderStorm match was damn good. Jericho was generous with Yuta. The Acclaimed seemed to be poised to climb… Seeing a short program witH Swerve in Their Glory would
Be cool.

The Kingston vs. Sammy/Tay segment was funny.

I also dig the news of Maddison Rayne coming aboard.

Noah from Vaughan

Loved the show tonight. I thought it was paced really well and the action was super entertaining. Really excited to see the bucks and hangman reunited tonight, I wonder how dark order feels about that. Question. Do you think they hold off both Starks/Hobbs and Jungle boy/Christian for the ppv? Theres still 4 episodes of dynamite until the PPV, so it is still quite a ways away

Jake from the Windy City

Can’t resist leaving some feedback when I found the BDE boys are doing their own invasion angle tonight. I’d say this was overall a solid Dynamite, and my favorite segment was Cole, O’Reilly, and Fish turning on The Bucks. I appreciate Cole adding on there that he did not forget when Bullet Club turned on him at War of the Worlds several years back. There weren’t any downright bad segments, and they did a better job of allowing things a little bit of oxygen. It’ll be interesting to see what AEW can produce once the roster gets back to full strength and they can put together some anticipated matchups.

QUESTION for the BDE: Any chance either of you will jump on the F1 wagon along with the rest of the POST community? Gotta check out that Drive to Survive soon, fellas!


Watching BTE paid off as the Undisputed Elite turned on the Young Bucks and it nudged them and Hangman Page closer together. DTAC (Don’t Trust Adam Cole)

The women’s tag was strong and one has to wonder if it had Madison Rayne’s fingerprints and in a nice change of pace it wasn’t in the 9:30 death slot.

Taz announcing Team Taz’s end was very good as he didn’t condone Hobbs’ actions

Jericho/Yuta was solid and Yuta looked strong in defeat.

Does anyone here think Eddie Kingston will have a hand (or backfist) in Jericho losing next week? (Possibly setting a legit last encounter in Arthur Ashe?)

Hey guys, I thought this was a very fun show tonight! Seems that with the New Japan and ROH PPVs in the rear view, AEW has a better focus. O.C. and Jay Lethal was fun, the Hung Bucks are reunited, and the women’s match went on an hour early! The Acclaimed and Hobbs were acts that I was immediately a fan of when they first started appearing on Dark nearly three years ago. Now, Powerhouse Hobbs inherited the Cody Tunnel, and the Acclaimed were in a semi-main event match getting cheered by the entire building. Wheeler Yuta had a fun match with Chris Jericho too!

All in all, one of the better Dynamites I’ve seen in a while. With HHH making his changes to WWE and Tony Khan changing up the Talent Relations staff, it seems that we’re getting set for some very entertaining times ahead!

Question: What do you think the end game is (if any) for MJF? It’s been nearly 3 months and he’s completely radio silent. It feels like they’re waiting for Punk to return, but without a timetable for that, what’s holding MJF back from disrupting anyone else on the show?

Good luck to Wai and his wife and thank you John and everyone at Post for all that you do!

Sorry you missed it dude.

Tony Khan did a good job of reminding AEW fans what differentiates his product from WWE. Specifically how AEW has three-plus years invested in young stars. Jungle Boy, Yuta, Garcia, Allin, Hobbs, Starks, Cassidy, Baker, and Thunder Rosa all featured well.

All with something to do going forward.

Also reminds us that Dynamite‘a pace requires a viewer to lock in for the whole 2-hour show because very few segments are ever disposable fodder. I’m sure over the next while we’ll see SmackDown and NXT refined and improved, even RAW will be better… But WWE still tends to have some forgettable segments that are too easy to dismiss.

Either way…Overall, we’re gonna get spoiled with good wrestling for a while. So, it’ll be fun to dine out on it when possible :slight_smile: