FEEDBACK: AEW Dynasty 2024

LIVE immediately following the pay-per-view

Good lord that Osprey vs. Danielson match was so good… I hope he’s okay. That was a scary finish.

Each match was solid… Excepting the preshow.

Jericho vs. Hook has some scary moments in it. Jericho nearly getting suplexed into steel steps being one.

What an amazing show though. Glad Willow is finally getting a title, I hope it’s not a short or meaningless run.

Swerve as the new champ! Long may he reign!

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Bell to bell, one of AEW’s strongest PPVs ever. Although I feel like we say that every month.

Extremely happy for Swerve, and seeing him climb the ranks of the company to becoming the World Champion. Hopefully we can see him getting a good run and establishing him with some solid heel opponents.

Ospreay vs. Danielson was everything we hoped and more.

The ladder match was a painful (in the best way) watch. I do feel like Perry felt like a star the moment the mask came off. And I absolutely feel that airing the Punk footage was responsible for that. Obviously it has made for some unbearable discourse - but I can’t see Perry’s return having the same impact without it.

Even the low point of the show, the Jericho / Hook match, was still a passable plunder brawl.

Anyway, congratulations on the climb today and raising what you did. Enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Steve Grows Weed

I agree that Jericho needs a tv break. But chanting, “please retire”, seems shitty.
The fact that we live in world where we got a 420 match on Rampage last night warms my heart.
Do you think having so many epic matches in front of the main event hurt the match? It felt like they lost the crowd for a minute there but got them back by the end.
All in all, a great way to cap off a holiday weekend.

Cody From Maine

A month and a half ago, I felt like I saw with my own eyes the match of the year at Revolution with Ospreay vs. Takeshita. Tonight, I KNOW I watched the match of the year between Ospreay and Danielson, unfortunately from the comfort of my living room

While they had to kill each other in the tag title match to get the exhausted fans invested? I’m glad that match was placed where it was. It would’ve been easy to throw any other match out there and let it die a death.

Overall, AEW once again delivers on PPV. Shoutout to YouTube for a flawless stream as well, happy to have options other than BR Live.

Brian in New Jersey.

Definite thumbs up show for me. To keep things short, I thought the main event delivered and had the right outcome, Ospreay vs. Danielson tore the roof off the arena and had a unique post-match to hopefully shape the weeks ahead, and the Ladder Match got bowling shoe ugly at times.

Jordan from the Bronx

Excellent PPV!

  • Ospreay/Danielson was unreal. I’ve noticed in Danielson matches that when he’s visibly hurt, he’s selling. When he’s not hurt at all, he’s probably hurt for real. The man wrestled with an eye patch and sold a SEIZURE to cover up a broken arm. Also, Ospreay has said in a promos building this match that his killer move is the Tiger Driver 91. My hope is that everything in that match went as planned, and that Danielson is okay.

  • Swerve and Willow are champions! A year ago, I couldn’t fathom either of them being here, but here we are and it’s glorious! I know that they have Ospreay and Mercedes respectively threatening their runs to be short and transitional, here’s hoping for impactful reigns! Shout out to the NWA Podcast! Wrestling is for Naysayers!

  • Jericho with the FTW belt leads me to believe that they’re going to legitimize the title. Hopefully Hook moves up the card and onto someone else. The feud didn’t do it for me, and like the crowd, I’m very Jericho’d out

I just saw Ospreay/Danielson again before hopping on the forum. It was everything it was advertised to be and then some. It was a Tokyo Dome-level match that’ll be a crown jewel in both men’s catalogs. The finish felt like the end of an anime fight ending about who was gonna shoot first. I was in awe. Too bad the Bucks and FTR were put in a tough spot to follow that instant classic.

Dynasty was a good night for black wrestling with Willow and Swerve winning the gold

My Champion is Black and my Lambo is Blue and when I’m behind the wheel YEAH I SWERVE WHEN I DRIVE! SWERVE WHEN I DRIVE!

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