FEEDBACK: AEW Full Gear 2022

What did you think of Full Gear?

POST Show with me and John from Newark out sometime tonight live on YouTube.

Brian in New Jersey, but not in Newark.

Thumbs up show to me. A lot to like. Star-making win for Jack Perry in a great opener. Outstanding matches for the Trios Titles and the ROH World Title. An unexpected but well-deserved title win for Jamie Hayter in the best women’s match of the night. The main event ended how I think a lot of people thought it would, but I thought the finish and the match overall were very well. I watched the show on Bleacher Report, where for me and perhaps others, the sound went out of sync, which dampened my enjoyment for a while.

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Good show. Match of the night was Death Triangle retaining the trios titles as they should have. Finally Fenix came around to putting that hammer to good use. This match just edged out the ROH 4 way as I thought that one was stellar too. Out of the sport for 6 years only to enter the new wrestling company and immediately defeat one of their top home grown stars, no Im not talking about Punk here, hopefully Saraya does not end up the trouble to the ladies in the same way.

Hey Brian in New Jersey, use Fite next time, I have had all good experiences so far.

Cody From Maine

A question to start. I know my feelings on this, but is it safe to say AEW has successfully completed the “righting of the ship” in the aftermath of All Out?

We’ll see if it’s recency bias of not, but my feeling coming out of this show is that we’ll rightfully see Full Gear named as a lot of people’s show of the year. A show that they desperately needed after what has easily been their most tumultuous year so far.

They still have some things to sort out, ROH’s continued presence is at the forefront of those issues. But heading into 2023 with a new world champion, new locations already booked early in the new year, among other things, I’m not subscribing to a “doom and gloom” attitude as so many people seemingly have in the past few months.

Credit to the crowd as well. Always a challenge staying lively for a lengtyh show, but they were there for the big moments throughout the night.

Steve Grows Weed

Great show overall. Jade coming out as Cheetara was awesome.
Crazy to see how negative the crowd was to Mox. He seemed to love it though. Huge main event and the finish was perfect. Let the MJF era begin.
I think I saw WH in a crowd shot too.
Cool hearing John on the media scrum.

Bates from Saint John

I had a lot of fun with this show! Kingston vs. Akiyama was a highlight before the PPV even started, the emotion on Kingston’s face was amazing. I loved Death Triangle vs. The Elite but was a little surprised they made this match retroactively part of a best of seven. Match of the night was Hayter vs. Storm, great rollercoaster and they went the right way with the finish. A lot of people on this show heroically deciding whether or not to use weapons so I like that they subverted it in the main. Match could have hit a fuller gear. 7.5/10.

I thought FITE for AEW PPVs is for international markets only.

Perhaps it is. I watch in Canada so I do not know the limitations of the country in which New Jersey resides. We have plenty of limitations, try watching Rampage on the sucky TSN website.

Thanks, you have been no help whatsoever.

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