What did you think of AEW Fyter Fest?

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Alex from Maple

That was amazing. It started horribly but was saved by the last few matches.

We finally got to see what Brock vs Ambrose would have been like! Damn your lazy attitude Brock for denying us this and I am so happy for Moxley In getting to finally deliver this.

The Omega and Bucks match was great and entrance was one of the best ever.

Overall great. Even commentary was better with no Alex Marvez and a great heel act by MJF. Thumbs up huge!

Brad from Halifax

Mox is so over. it is amazing to think that this guys use to be Dean Ambrose and this was inside him all along. He adds a cool edgy vibe to AEW that makes this a whole different kind of promotion. That said I don’t need any more chair shots like that one Cody took in wrestling. Hope he is alright.

8 out of 10 1 point off for the chair shot and the other for very average women’s wrestling

Thanks guys

Sam from Tennessee

A completely subpar show which left a lot to be desired. That preshow was the worst hour of wrestling I’ve seen this year. A decent tag match, followed by a bad Dark Order segment and some terrible backstage skits. Top that off with two awful matches leading into the PPV and you have a horrible introduction for new fans trying the product for the first time.

The main show was alright, but almost all the matches were passable at best. I will say I enjoyed the six-man tag but everything else was meh. Fuck unprotected chair shots to the head in 2019. I give it a 3/10, would have been a 5 if they didn’t shit the bed on the preshow.

Andrew from Cape Breton

I paid for this show through Fite TV, but I definitely think free was way too expensive for the pre-show. I’ll get that out of the way first. The tag match was good, but AEW seems like it has two parts to it. A serious sports like feel of a wrestling promotion for one part, and the other is mid 90s WWF and WCW bullshit gimmicks. The Librarian nonsense was awful and my current worst match of the year was Alex Jebailey and Michael Nakazawa. I haven’t seen that much of Nakazawa, but he’s not that good, and it definitely seems like this is Kenny Omega trying to get his friends booked. I hated the Fyre Fest parody stuff, because even though it was a parody, it made the show look bad.

With that all being said, I thought the show was excellent. The matches were consistent, they established time limits and they stayed on a heavy angle for awhile. I used to go to bit torrent websites and download OVW shows back in 2006 and 2007 and that’s where I first saw Shawn Spears. I thought he was an excellent performer, and it seems AEW maybe able to showcase him in a way WWE never seemed to be able to. The chairshot to the head was a bit much though. AEW said Cody was ok, but that also hurts the whole angle, so this whole thing is a bit of a mess. 6 out of 10 show, I can’t go above 6 due to the pre-show.

Chris from Pennsylvania,

I am admittedly one of the more casual wrestling fans on this board. My viewing habits include main roster WWE and the NXT Takeovers. But with Fyter Fest available for free I thought I would check out what all the AEW buzz was about.

What I liked: The six-man tag with the Elite and the Lucha Bros/Laredo Kid was outstanding. Fast action and really creative spots. I was engaged the whole time. MJF is an incredible talent. The charisma he has on the mic at only 23 is amazing. Some others that stood out to me seeing them for the first time were Private Party, Nyla Rose and Jungle Boy.

What I didn’t like: Nyla taking the pin when she’s supposed to be the monster of the division and then getting her heat back with a post-match beat down seems very WWE-ish. I was not really interested in the Cody-Darby Allin match at all, and as for the main event, I know I’ll be in the minority here, but that’s just not my preferred style of wrestling. Good for what it was, just not my cup of tea.

Overall I go 7/10. I enjoyed the show and I’ll definitely check them out on TNT this fall, but I didn’t leave Fyter Fest thinking this was a revolutionary product.

Sean from Toronto

Definitely a lesser show than Double of Nothing, but still a solid card. I enjoyed the early backstage segments parodying the problems of the Fire Festival, even though that gimmick seemed forgotten by the time the main card started and was ultimately an excuse to have The Elite wear Street Fighter gear.

The weakest parts of the show were the unnecessary violence, such as the nasty chair shot to Cody and the ”unsanctioned” main event, where the use of barbed wire and thumbtacks became too much for me (especially since they already parodied such a spot earlier with the arcade buttons). I’m not against bloodshed if it fits the story, but overtly hardcore wrestling should stay in the 1990s.

AJ from PA

Really enjoyed the 3way tag, the womans match and the final matches.

I liked the chair shot. For some maybe it’s too much but if you’re going to do it, it has to mean something and they made sure of that. It was a big deal and it should be. This sets up a spears/cody match at All Out and I’m really excited to see how this chair shot plays into the story.

Whether die hard fans like us on this forum want to admit it or not, this type of stuff gets casual viewers and builds a fanbase. It’s the same people that watch nascar for the crashes or hockey for the fights. You dont have to do it every week on tv or use it in a nothing match, but using it like this, to build up to one of your main matches at a major show is worth it.

The fact that this show was free makes it 8/10, paying for it? Probably more 7/10

I think for future AEW events I will skip the pre-shows, as both this one and the one for Double or Nothing were the drizzling shits. Stupid gimmicks like The Librarian and the Fyre fest parody bits are best left on Being the Elite, and the Dark Order segment just fell flat. Despite all that, I did thoroughly enjoy the main card. I thought they did a fantastic job of getting Darby Allin over by having the match go to a time limit draw, something that has been missing from wrestling. MJF’s promo had me rolling, and even my wife who isn’t a wrestling fan but was watching parts of the show with me got a kick out of his insults. Overall I give this show an 8 out of 10, and I can’t wait for Fight for the Fallen (minus the pre-show).

Burney from Chicago

This was an average show. I thought there were some really great moments, including the women’s 3-way match, The Cody/Darby Allin draw, MJF and the 6 man tag.

The Buy In was worse than most 3rd hours of Raw. In a normal situation isn’t AEW putting that on for free to try to entice people that are on the fence to buy the PPV? The past 2 Buy Inswould not have had that affect on most people.

The thing, I really hated about the show was the unnecessary and unsafe violence. Cody taking an unprotected chair shot like that has no place in wrestling in 2019. I found Moxley and Janela to be more of the same. The things done in that match should be reserved for a blood feud. And in 2019, it’s hard to even justify it then.

If Cody was looking to “kill the attitude era” he failed miserably. Because the violence on tonight’s show went right back to that time.

Looking forward to Fight For the Fallen, but I give this a 5/10.

No one in the world uses the word “predicament”. Jim Ross uses it every two sentences.

I do prefer the NXT product to AEW and I think AEW needs more stories and drama around their matches. Basically, I’m waiting for their TV stuff.

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