FEEDBACK: AEW Rampage & WWE SmackDown 5/27/22

What did you think of Friday’s wrestling?

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Eric from Cork, Ireland currently in Las Vegas

Rampage was a fun show live with attendance roughly the same as Wednesday from what I could see despite the early start time. The Danielson match and the main event were both terrific but I think Statlander losing is a mistake. She’s been really clicking since coming back and Ruby feels ice cold. Kris feels like the most obvious choice at the moment to beat Jade at some point though.

The TNT title segment was bad. They didn’t show the belt on the screens and Scorpio only showed it to the hard cam so most people couldn’t see it.

The dark tapings before and after rampage were your standard dark matches. Nothing really to go out of your way to watch.

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Rampage was particularly fun tonight, bracketed by two very good matches. It was strange to see the crowd turn on Ruby so strongly since, while Kris has always been popular, it didn’t feel like she was on a really hot run or anything. People cheered her more against Ruby than they did against Red Velvet. I do think that the promo she cut before hand played a big part.

Interesting to see how excited the crowd was for Drew McIntyre on Smackdown. He hasn’t felt as over as this since fans came back.

What are the odds that Double or Nothing finishes before Raw starts on Monday? Thinking of placing a bet with the ubiquitous Draft Kings.