FEEDBACK: AEW Rampage / WWE SmackDown 5/6/22

What did you think of Friday’s wrestling?

A reminder that RASD starts tonight at 10:05pm ET at

Early start time for Rampage is a godsend to me in the UK. Thought the matches were all good to great. Need me some more Hayter and hope returning Riho goes far in the tourney. Takeshita looking very impressive too, expecting big things over the year to come. Down note - Didn’t think Kingston’s phone call hit as hard as it would delivering it in person.

James in Wales

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Roy from Rhode Island

The excitement level for backlash feels like rhe lowest for a wwe pay per view in some time. Apart from the rematches, there’s also no men’s world title match. Even when brock would disappear for months on end, there was at least another title to work with. Given how roman has been booked, rendering 99 percent of his defenses a foregone conclusion, how can book interesting matches for him (particularly at b level ppvs) going forward?