FEEDBACK: AEW Revolution

What did you think of AEW Revolution?

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Lara from Vancouver

Was feeling under the weather so I decided to stay in and check out this show.

Never been happier to be sick.

That tag match was the best in ring storytelling I’ve ever seen. Those guys hit Okada/Ibushi at WK level of quality, just an astonishing match. There’s so many possible ways for this to go too, and they teased them all.

Sammy/Darby was a crash course sugar rush and I loved every second.

Orange Cassidy vs PAC was like Batman vs Joker. Never in wrestling has two guys been such perfect foils for each other. I hope we get a rematch soon.

Jericho has become a sort of Bruiser Brody. That match felt like a fight and in contrast to everything that came before it really stood out and excelled. Phenomenal post match babyface promo from Mox.

What didn’t feel like a fight was Cody/MJF, it lacked intensity and never felt like a grudge match at all. I was worried it might underperform and sadly I was right. Not to mention the godawful live performance from Downstait and that ridiculous neck tattoo that instantly lowers Cody’s IT factor

That said when you get 4 incredible, and completely different, matches on the same show, you’ve struck gold.

Also Tony Schiavone fawning over Orange Cassidy is the feel good moment of 2020

Didn’t love it although I may be in minority. Had high expectations and I feel like only the tag title match lived up to them.

The MJF and Cody match was odd with Cody trying to pin him early and not hurt him. The women’s match was unwatchable and sloppy. I thought someone might die at the end off the rope. The main event was heated but just didn’t feel like it clicked and I felt Jericho was hotter than Mox and should have kept title.

Anyway had high hopes, was a decent show but fell short for me of perhaps too high a hype. 7/10

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Chris from Melbourne

I feel like Cody’s real life taste is going to turn him heel sooner than any of his actual character work. If his “take my car, take my red-bottoms, take this briefcase of cash” promo wasn’t far enough, tonight was whole new level. Coming out with a huge entourage, personal coach, and Brandi playing cheerleader, Cody looked like the ultimate highschool jock d-bag. I really want to hate his character as much as I hate his awful new neck tatt.

I loved this show. First couple of AEW PPVs always felt like there were too many chefs in the kitchen and no cohesive flow to the show. Everything is ironed out now, and Revolution was well worth the buy from start to finish.

I love the feeling that the commentary team are out there without a net and without a script. I love hearing Justin Roberts add his pizzazz and personalisation to the announcements when it suits. I love unique stages and entranceways. Of course, what matters is the wrestling, but all of these other elements go a long way.

Best moment: “the inner circle choir” for Jericho’s entrance.

Worst moment: let’s not forget that that moment of sexual assault in the opening match.

4.5 litres of blood and guts out of 5.

Sean from Toronto

Other than the women’s title match being the victim of bad placement, this was probably the best AEW Pay Per View so far.

The tag title bout was easily matched of the night and I like how the Hangman/Elite story is being given the slow burn. Orange Cassidy vs Pac was incredibly entertaining an a surprise highlight for me.

While there are definitely some who feel it is too early for Jericho to lose the belt, you do have to admit that he has already run through all the major babyface challengers, other than Kenny Omega, who is busy with his storyline with Hangman. Having the belt on Moxley does allow people like Pac and MJF step-up for title matches, not to mention the inevitable Jericho rematch.

Adam from Wellington, New Zealand

Really enjoyable, well paced show.
Tag match was fantastic and the rest of the card was above average.
Well everything except for the Cody/MJF match. While it didnt offend me by any means, small things like the obnoxious over the top entrance to Cody going for pinfalls a few minutes in and even Brandi baiting Wardlow left me more confused than anything, considering the “blood feud” build.
Also given the recent signings and rumors I bought into there being a surprise run in or reveal that never happened and I was waiting for it after every match, but that ones totally on me.
A solid 8 unwanted mouth kisses out of 10.

Question, you’ve probably already discussed this but who do you guys want to see in the AEW War Games match? And is this where you end the Jericho/Moxley feud to start something fresh with the Title?

Noah from Vaughan via Chicago

Was at the show live and had an absolute blast. The tag match was incredible and orange Cassidy vs pac was amazing to be in attendance for. The atmosphere all night was fantastic and I’m so glad I made the trip from Toronto. 10/10 live event experience. Glad moxley won the belt, sometimes you just gotta go with the hot babyface to get the win. By the way, before the pre show, they had a womens tag match for dark, Yuka and Riho vs Penelope and Britt.

Rafael from North Liberty

Revolution was well worth the $50. The highlights were the Tag title match, Orange Cassidy vs PAC, and the MOX win. I love pro wrestling and shows like this only help to remove the cynicism that years of WWE booking can put on a fan.

Doug from Derbyshire, UK
Apologies if this feedback is a little lengthy, I’m sure you’ll skip it if it’s too long though :slight_smile:
While I won’t pretend this was a perfect show, it was a consistently solid effort with the majority of matches being good to very good.
The high point of the show was clearly The Young Bucks vs Omega and Page, and it was a very tough match for Nyla Rose and Kris Statlander to follow. You could hear the crowd heat ebbing away and I don’t think it was ever regained fully, but I still felt the women’s match was a decent outing, if far from spectacular.
The nods to both Kota Ibushi and Marty Scurll during the tag bout only added to the storytelling and history of the match and I feel it was the standout of the night for that reason alone, regardless of the excellent in-ring action.
Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara tore it up with a great encounter. That botched suicide dive by Allin was brutal but not so much as the skateboard throw to the head he took immediately after it. That said, the two of them went on to have an exciting and satisfying match.
Cody/MJF was exactly what the match needed to be, with just the right level of shenanigans and heel work to keep the story going.
Pac vs Orange Cassidy was my first experience of freshly squeezed in-ring and I am now unreasonably excited to see Cassidy vs Suzuki.
The biggest takeaways from the event for me were that a) the production issues AEW has dealt with since launch are gradually but surely being worked through, b) regardless of JR’s slips, the commentary team has solidified into an excellent three-man booth, c) long-term storytelling is alive and well in pro wrestling in 2020 and d) Jericho’s entrance can only be bested by itself.

Overall I’d say this was just a really fun show. Tag title match was incredible Allin and Guevara was entertaining and the PAC Cassidy fight was an actual funny comedy match but then got pretty serious. And honestly if someone takes out Jericho and becomes the new Inner Circle leader and Jericho kinda went away for a while he did an amazing job getting AEW running. He would also get an amazing baby face reaction when he returned

Raymond from Sacramento, in Chicago tonight for Revolution.

Gonna keep this super short. I have been to Double or Nothing, All Out, the first Dynamite in Washington, D.C., Full Gear, and now Revolution. Outside of Moxley first appearance at Double or Nothing, I have not experienced a crowd pop that big for someone like they did when Orange Cassidy officially debuted as a full blown wrestler in his performance tonight. People may have not understood that the gimmick before, but this was his “wrestling” coming out party to the masses. Guy can work and the crowd was in love with him. I personally adore the guy.

9/10 show.

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Eric from Savage
I thought the show as a whole was very good. The tag title match was one of the 5 best tag matches I’ve ever seen. The PAC VS Orange Cassidy match over delivered on my already high expectations and the Sammy VS Darby match was a fun sprint. To top it off, Cody VS MJF was truly excellent storytelling. Thumbs up show for sure, 8/10 Mox eye patches

Miles from Chicago

Went to the show tonight - great time overall. The fans are really there to have a great time and get behind all of the performers - and AEW really seem to be ready to deliver every time.

Matches of the night from a live perspective were the tag title match, Orange Cassidy/Pac, and the main event. I’m going to miss Le Champion but excited to see where they go next with Jericho. 9/10 show - looking forward to watching a replay and hearing your recap.