FEEDBACK: AEW Title Tuesday & NXT 10/10

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Stupid TSN cut to a commercial during Toni Storm’s video.

The Cole, Strong, Kingdom vignette was a big drop in quality. Part of what made last week’s good was the cuts to Taven stroking the Giraffe gingerly.


Christian Cage is perfect. “Change the Sheets… New Daddy’s coming home!!”

I hope Swerve isn’t gonna get 50/50’d against Hangman Page.


Swerve v Danielson was a great match. Tough to have either of them lose right now. But I wanted Swerve to take it.
Jay White is a good wrestler. But his presentation is annoying. The whole group.
Doesn’t work for me.
Do you think he was ready for this spot? I feel like there are a ton of people higher than him on the card that deserve it more at this point.

Cheers guys. Thanks for what you do.


Hikaru Shida has held every version of the AEW Womens Championship.


Good for her.

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Love this for her :slight_smile:

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Mannie from pacoima
Ayyy nah tony and aew now have heat with me for taking the title off of Saraya!!!

Nxt homecoming was a pretty fun watch. The tag battle royal has my interest since Garza said something might happen on the anniversary of Don Garza’s passing. Bron’s been losing a lot of matches, should he just be called up?
I’m excited for Lyra vs Tegan and the video package to promote Becky vs Lyra was fantastic. Speaking of video packages, the Lexis “tiger” king promo was good, but what was up with that haircut and beard?

NXT brought it. The usage of the main roster guest stars was the Trojan horse to attract newer viewers but it was the current roster that got them to stay. Some fun wrestling throughout the night. The return of the Dusty classic was a layup with Cody being the GM for the night. Ilja Dragunov sent Dom Dom to Jesus, the TrickMelo story got pushed forward and the Deadman returned to his yard. Asuka/Perez was too short for my liking. It was nice to see Jade Cargill pop up.

Dynamite had some good stuff with Shida pulling off a three-peat, Swerve/Danielson ruled and Copeland/Luchasaurus was a strong main event. The Toni Storm vignette going to PIP wasn’t wise.

Jordan from the Bronx

I usually watch both shows when they’re live on their respective nights, but tonight I chose AEW, as it’s the show I that I prefer on most weeks. I’m more invested in the long term developments coming out of Dynamite than I am of the short term curiosity of seeing all of the guest stars on NXT.

I understand WWE wanting to boost up NXT to claim a victory in the ratings, but as a fan, it doesn’t work for me. I like watching NXT to see the stars of the future develop. It gets to be ridiculous when Cena, Cody, Asuka and the like are doing obvious cameos that won’t contribute in the long term of the NXT show itself. It’s a neat photo-op to get Melo and Undertaker together, but what does that lead to down the road? It’s nice for those that get a kick out of this battle, but personally, I would have preferred an NXT that showcased what the brand really is.