FEEDBACK: All Wheels Wrestling pilot (2011)

On Rewind-A-Wai #129, we are reviewing the pilot for All Wheels Wrestling, which was a TNA offshoot filmed in June 2011.

This event was selected by Sean Sedor.

You can watch the pilot episode below and leave any feedback and/or questions related to the event.

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I attended this show live at the Red Line Arena! This new name for Soundstage 21, and how the show actually operated, was news to me 12 years later.

They taped this show the day after the go-home tapings for Destination X in 2011. Entering the soundstage, I was surprised how different it was to a normal Impact taping. They had the Universal park staff completely usher everyone in and place them where they wanted, in contrast to the usual general admission style of seating. Similar to the January 4th, 2010, Hogan debut, they already had the significant parts of the soundstage (the pit around the ring, and the first few rows in the crowd) full with TNA staffers, and more regular fans. They handed out many pre-made signs for those people in the crowd to hold up, and they also had a production guy talk with the crowd on how to react. The main instructions were that it did not matter what was happening in the ring, and just to make as much noise, as possible, the entire time.

We were not told about the point system, or anything else about the show. They mainly just presented the matches cold. It was very confusing, but a pretty hilarious show seeing what wrestlers they utilized for it, as well as, their new names, and gear. The wrestling was decent, and it was a quick taping, just around a hour. So, it didn’t take up much time in the day.

Thanks for doing this review, as I never realized that the pilot was actually available to view, and it was fun to actually get to understand what I viewed 12 years ago!

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