FEEDBACK: Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

This Tuesday, our MCU reviews continue with a discussion on ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ from 2018.

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As Scott Lang balances being both a superhero and a father, Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym present an urgent new mission that finds the Ant-Man fighting alongside The Wasp to uncover secrets from their past.

Chris from Pennsylvania,

With a lot of extra time on my hands lately, I’ve been going back and rewatching all the MCU movies. One trend I’ve noticed is that for everything that Marvel does well, they don’t really have a good track record with sequels. Captain America and Spider-Man are the only ones where the second movie was on par with or better than the original. That’s pretty much the story here for Ant Man & The Wasp.

Paul Rudd is charming enough and this movie has some good laughs, but I don’t think it really raises the stakes or advances anything put forth in the first movie in a significant way. It’s a perfectly acceptable movie for an MCU completist, but I think you’d be just as fine getting a two minute explanation of the Quantum Realm to bridge the gap between Infinity War and Endgame.

Brenden from California

I didn’t watch this when it first came out. I watched it a few days after watching Endgame (three times in the opening week). Probably a bad idea, because I really just had no enthusiasm for this thing when I finally sat down to watch it.

It’s probably the most forgettable film in the whole MCU to me. I watched it a few days ago for the second time and I might as well have been watching it for the first time. I didn’t remember much of anything but the post credit scene and the fight by the bay.

It really just felt like the stakes weren’t there. I liked the idea of Ghost but she and her backstory seemed like an afterthought.

Not the worst MCU film, but it’s in the bottom half for me.

Rich in Winnipeg, via East Selkirk.

This movie was going to be the equivalent of the match after the Undertaker match at Wrestlemania. One that most people wouldn’t much take notice of, except for the fact in this circumstance, we have to follow continuity, primarily, when would the Infinity War snap occur. As such, I was fairly surprised that the whole movie was more of a story about the background of Dr. Pym and his wife. Of course, the Mcguffin of the Quantum realm would be the seed for the plant of Endgame, we just didn’t know how that movie would pull it off. In the end, Ant Man and the Wasp is fun summer popcorn movie, with a villain that while, unique, falls to the more common issues that most Marvel villains have, a lack of relation, unlike Loki and Killmonger. Can’t wait until the Endgame review.

Jordan from Kitchener

First off let’s take a moment to thank you guys for providing great content through this crisis.

I don’t get the hate from the comments for this movie. This movie came out at a time after we were still buzzing from the effects of Infinity War and the snap. I remember walking into the theatres questioning how they would go about this movie with the events of Infinity war and found myself enjoying the movie. In wrestling terms, this movie would be in a spot of a comedown match after seeing an epic battle, has very little interest and buzz, and everyone just wants to get the main event, the conclusion.