FEEDBACK: Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania

With MCU L8R returning tomorrow in the café. I didn’t see a feedback thread for Quantumania so I took the liberty of creating one anyways. I hope it’s okay

Sound off with your thoughts on the start of Phase 5

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Mannie from Pacoima

First things first, Líik’ik Talokan to you scrump, welcome back to Mr.Fanntastic Rich fann, shout out to the Legend, the sorcerer Supreme, the conquer the WHP!! And though he could not make it shout out to the last member of Post wrestling’s version of just 4 guys the ever dapper Wai Ting.

Quantumania was a very fun movie, I enjoyed it overall. Jonathan Majors did such an incredible job in his role. Kang the conqueror was such a badass and I would’ve loved to see this variant dominate phase 5 a bit longer. My only nitpick was how m.o.d.o.k. was presented as the butt of the joke. I know a little about the character so i was excited to see it finally on the big screen, but using the character as a bit of a side joke was kind of disappointing. Now with all the variants assembled I’m excited to see where they show up next.

Question, if they are in a microscopic world, even when scott and cassie go big they are still crazy tiny. so would her saying it drained her and she craves citrus make sense or was it just put in there as a throwback line?

Dc jermaine from Chicago. It’s great that the mcu later crew is back, I truly love this show that brings us together over what we love. Superhero movies. To me the antman movies were more low stakes fun comedy movies. So I was surprised when I heard that this movie would introduce kang the conqueror. He absolutely popped off the screen in avengers earth mightiest hero’s. Marvel hit on its casting once again with Jonathan Majors. Like rdj and chris evans. Unlike Brie Larson and mark ruffalo. And Paul Rudd is always his likable self. Evangeline Lilly has been lost see what I did there? And didn’t do much in the film to me. Things I didn’t like. Everyone always say oh everything should be connected like marvel. Well sometimes it hurt an individual movie like this one. I felt this movie was more to introduce kang than anything. Some of the visual effects didn’t hit. We been getting a lot of mid marvel lately. They are becoming the randy orton of superhero movies. They have the routine but rarely produce anything over 4 stars. Lastly a new dawn is upon us. James Gunn and dc are hungry. That flash trailer was the talk of the Super Bowl. Of the Gunn projects announced what has you guy interest? Thanks and mcu later

I took it as a reference to the orange slice thing when we first saw giant scott at the airport.

I hope we see a version of kang that’s hanging out with kodos from the simpsons.

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