FEEDBACK: Best Death Match Ever

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for this week’s episode of “Best Match Ever” where we will be talking all about the best “Deathmatches” in wrestling history! We’re going to be talking to Damian Abraham (Fucked Up, The Wrestlers, Turn’e Out A Punk), who has personally selected the matches we are going to talk about on this week’s show!


Highlights of a 60 minute Iron Woman Death Match.

FMW - Atsushi Onita vs Terry Funk - No-rope Exploding Barbwire Timebomb Deathmatch (1993/5/5)

FMW - Combat Toyoda vs. Megumi Kudo - No-Rope Exploding Barbwire Deathmatch (1996/5/5)

BJW - Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Kendo Nagasaki - Piranha Deathmatch (1996/08/19)

CZW - Tournament Of Death 8: Jon Moxley Vs Brain Damage - Tables, Chairs & Deathmatch (2009/6/6)

FREEDOMS - Jun Kasai vs. Masashi Takeda - Glass Crush 2015 (12/25/15)

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Braden, Damian and I will be recording on Wednesday!

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I was actually at the show that was headlined by Samoa Joe vs. Necro Butcher. Never thought of it as a death match in the traditional sense, just a flat out brawl. But holy moly was it amazing.

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At least The Onita VS Funk Match was done in front of a large crowd and going into the barb wire was considered to be the devistating move (Other than the Timebomb spot)

That alarm was annoying

I love that Joe vs Necro is listed.

While I’ve never considered it a “Death Match”, it is definitely an incredible outing from Necro Butcher - and represents a peak point of the Northeast US indie scene during the 00’s.

It’s also interesting to think about the fact that Joe vs Necro took place the same weekend (and building) as the original Hardcore Homecoming event and the day before ECW One Night Stand. (Necro vs Joe took place on an IWA Mid-South Show, as part of a double header with CZW later that day). It was a packed weekend for those fans for sure.

Oh, and Necro worked a match on the CZW show later that same day.

I’d also argue that this match is probably the most remembered of that entire weekend, with maybe Tanaka vs Mike Awesome being the only other one still even discussed somewhat.

At the end of the day, Necro vs Joe was a dream match at the time. Joe, amongst the very best all around talents at the time on the indies. Necro was a wild man who had gained a reputation for being the stiffest and craziest dude on the indies. Just a perfect match-up. Styles make fights.

Also, it should be noted that this spurred several other Necro vs other super stiff hard hitting indie darlings, such as Necro vs Low-Ki and Necro vs Super Dragon. Sadly neither could reproduce the spectacle of this match.

Even if Dylan Summers has ended up complete dumpster fire of a human being in recent years - he still helped create a masterpiece of violence with his match with Joe.

As far as Onita vs Funk - I absolutely love the final five minutes. It’s just so perfect, and almost cinematic. The sirens going. The countdown. And finally, Onita running back in to try and save Funk from the explosion. It’s magic. I really hope AEW lifts some aspects of this match for the Omega / Moxley match.

In terms of other indies for death matches, I’d recommend checking out some of the mid-2000’s Fans Bring The Weapons brawls from Montreal’s IWS. I remember sitting front row for some of these shows in front of nearly 1000 people, for matches that featured hundreds upon hundreds of light tubes, and all sorts of other creative violence. It’s where a guy like Sexxxy Eddy broke out, and was able to get into TOD, and make a name for himself - and as a result, opened the door for other Non-Death match IWS guys at the time to get into the states, specifically Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Alright maaates. Firstly, I have to say how jealous I am you’ve got Damian on the show, Fucked Up played the year I didn’t go to Reading & Leeds so shout the fuck out and determined to see you when the world is back to normal.

Less of pure feedback, more I want to pick your brains. I have to say I love that Necro/Joe was picked, that match was savage in a different way to the others on this list. Also love the representation of Jun Kasai and particularly Masashi Takeda as I feel these are DMW’s who do more than just violence.

Where do you see DMW heading with it getting more prominence thanks to GCW’s Mania shows as well as guys like Takeda and others such as Drew Parker (have to shout out our own) and Rickey Shane Page who are good wrestlers in a more traditional sense? And also, I’m sure you’ll explain during the show but what made you pick Mox/Brain Damage as the TOD representation? No OG weedwhacker or Sexxxy Eddy drinking his own severed artery love? …that’s a weird sentence isn’t it.

Can’t wait to hear this one, shout out you all, Hogan

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