FEEDBACK: Bound for Glory 2018

Leave us your feedback, comments & questions for the Bound for Glory POST Show with Nate Milton & I.


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Tyler from Orlando,

This was a decent show for me, although I thought Slammiversary was a bit better.

The women’s match was a surprise to me, I really enjoyed that, the Allie and Su Yung stuff is out there but it gets a chuckle out of me.

The loose boards during the LAX match scared the shit out of me, poor ref was trying to fix it the best he could.

I think it was a mistake taking the title off Aries for Johnny Impact. What was with that ending? Most of the chat room said that something was thrown at Aries so that’s why he got up and left, but still, you shouldn’t no sell a dude’s finisher and your title loss like that. I thought maybe he was yelling at Calis for dropping the title or something.

This PPV got 12 super kicks out of 20 for me.

Killer show. I haven’t watched since slammiversary, but they still impressed.

The lax match was uncomfortable, but everything felt brutal.
Women killed it, and the campy video felt well placed for it being around Halloween.

Penta match was nonstop fun and the main was way better than expected.
Wonder how much of that was shoot, especially with the end, or if that’s what they want us to think. Either way, impressed

Jazz from Australia,

At first I was hesitant to put down money for this event because while the announced matches seemed great, the build had been lacking and I was not that excited.

Coming out of the show I was pleased and thought I got my money’s worth, with the exception of the over produced Allie segment, I thought all the matches delivered, (with the two main title matches being the standouts) and at least gave people something to talk about coming out of the main event, not sure how much of the Austin/Impact feud was a shoot but I’m at least intrigued as to the direction of the company going foward.

Two thumbs up from me

Brandon from Tyler, TX. I thought overall, the show was enjoyable.

Swann/Mack vs Sydal/Page was a good match and did it’s purpose of getting the crowd fired up.

The Eli Drake Open Challenge was a disappointment with the person that answered the challenge but the match was kept short thankfully and the aftermath with Abyss didn’t interest me much as well.

Blanchard/Valkyrie was a great Knockouts match that kept me very entertained throughout.

The Dreamer/Edwards vs Moose/Cross no DQ match was enjoyable but the awesome stand-off between Edwards and Moose made me wish that they had their singles match with the same finish, Cross attacks afterwards with Dreamer making the save, and then just set up the match we saw tonight for an Impact main event.

OvE vs Lucha Bros/Cage was a fun spotfest that kept me entertained throughout. The Fenix/Jake Christ botch was scary when it first happened but it didn’t end up taking too much away from the match. All six wrestlers had their chance to shine and this was the MOTN for the show up to this point.

LAX/LAX Ogz was a fun match but nowhere close to their Slammiversary match. It was a brutal match but with the limited amount of time (<10 min), they never really got the opportunity to top their first match unfortunately.

Su Yung/Allie was corny as hell but entertaining at the same time. I couldn’t take my eyes off the tv but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to see it again.

I loved the main event. Aries/Impact did a very stiff match that was different than any match I have seen in a long-time where you truly get the impression that these guys hate each other guts. The finish was confusing with Aries no selling, cussing out Callis, and flipping off the crowd as he went backstage. Hopefully this isn’t Russo booking but at the same time, I want to see Aries stay in the company due to the consistent high quality stuff he brings.

16 out of 20.

Like many others, a very sporadic watcher of Impact, but the main event angle yesterday really caught my attention. Didn’t necessarily like how they got there, but the rivalry had a really good feel to it going into the match. Otherwise, the concrete jungle match was interesting. The “other realm” match was… [pause] “interesting”. It is 5 am and I was staying up anyway, but a decent show, I’d say.

Because of life, this is my first post on the new forums, but have been a loyal fan since day one. Happy to hear Nate again.

Jalen from Pickering,

Matt Hardy may have opened the gates of wrestling hell, by making those deletion videos good, cuz clearly no one else can. Still a good show, but #BFGCOMDA was not at the level of Slammiversary. I feel like Impact basically needs to be like NXT, solid TV that feels different than WWE, and then kickass PPV’s that get the wrestling world buzzing.
Not a fan of Johnny winning the title, especially because he’s not much of a promo. I’m not sure if Aries no selling after the loss was some crappy, meta angle, or just him being genuinely angry for some reason. Either way, I’m not into it.