FEEDBACK: Captain America "Winter Soldier"

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In my opinion, the Winter Soldier storyline is the pinnacle of modern Captain America comic books. As a result, I walked into the theatre with high expectations, and I’m glad to say that this movie delivered - in fact, this is my favourite non-Avengers MCU movie.

The events of Captain America “Winter Soldier” quite literally rewrite the rules of the MCU as established thus far: SHIELD has fallen, HYDRA is still out there, as is the Winter Soldier. In addition, The public has one less reason to trust superpowered people, a seed being planted (along with a few frames during the Zola’s Algorithm sequence, and a name drop during the Sitwell roof scene ) for the future of the MCU Movies going forward. And finally, the comics nerd in me appreciates the use of the Captain America Super Soldier costume in this movie instead of the classic costume.

Keep up the great work and love the non-wrestling reviews as a change of pace


This is my favorite mcu movie of all time. Great story great action. Especially the chase scene w Nick Fury. Thanks you guys for reviewing this one. Hopefully this is the first of many more to come. Wai what’s your most anticipated mcu movie to come after avengers 4?

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The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite movie ever. I love the Godfather Part 2 and Spider-man 2 as well. CAPTAIN AMERICA : WINTER SOLDIER is one of the best second movies of a trilogy there ever was.

While First Avenger was a great period war movie aND Civil War a fun superhero jaunt, Winter Soldier is a cinematic masterpiece. It transcends comic movies into high art. Robert Redford is amazing and gives credibility to this movie with his gravitas. I love how all the characters from Sharon Carter to Natasha to Fury play off one another.

The plot seems slow at times but its intentionally swerving the audience’s expectation. The music when the Winter Soldier appears is instant and terrifying like Jason Vorhees chasing camp couselors in the woods. It sets the mood perfectly. A great film and glad it’s the first full Marvel review from Post Wrestling.

If Posters are fans of the movie the comic book story by Ed Brubaker is even better. Go read that now! I just finished reading Infinity Gauntlet and it doesn’t hold up as well as I remember. The winter soldier story is classic noir, spy fare. Holds up very well. Thanks guys!

This is the one Marvel movie I can pop in anytime to watch. Like Empire Strikes Back, it’s extremely rewatchable. Good action, good character development and humour, and great storylines all around. The long scene with Nick Fury escaping is one of my favourites. Plus that beginning with “On your left” kills me each time. And the camaraderie with Rogers and Romanoff throughout the movie… it’s really hard to beat this one.

I passed over Winter Soldier when it first came out after being underwhelmed by the first entry. I really hadn’t heard much about it after its release, but being a huge Spider-Man mark I felt I had to see Civil War. So I watched Winter Soldier the night before that film dropped. I like Civil War better, but I could totally see why one would consider Winter Soldier to be the best MCU movie. It’s smartly written, incredibly well choreographed, and nicely shot.

Captain America the Winter Soilder is probably the best movie marvel has made thus far, and that’s high praise considering some of their offerings. I wasn’t much of a Captain America fan growing up, but this movie completely changed my perception of the character and what he stood for, and convinced me to give some of the Captain America comic books a read. This movie also does a great job of balancing comedy and seriousness, something a lot of other marvel movies struggle with.

Also, GSP playing a bad guy is hilarious.

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Wow. I just watched this the other day as I am going through the entire MCU again. I love this film. It expands the entire story and I like some of the tie-ins they did on Agents of SHIELD. I definitely like this one better than “The First Avenger” even though that was a decent introduction of the character. I am just starting to watch Agents of SHIELD so the MCU films that have aspects of Fury, Coulson, and Hydra are very appealing right now.

As a big comicbook fan this one was special, when bucky appeared in cap first avenger one could only dream they would pay it off with the winter soldier.

I loved the progression of cap aswell, he was never my fav character. But the progression in this movie makes him a deeper character wich is picked up in civil war.

And John dont worry its hard to recognize a captain without a country :wink: almost full Nomad in infinity. Was cool to hear how much you love this stuff Wai. Thanks for doing this !

And remember cut off one head and two more shall take its place

So, the Winter Soldier. Probably the best of all the individual MCU movies, with a storyline that is more serious than previous Marvel movies, but not sacrificing any of the fun that virtually all the Marvel movies have. There are hints of things to come (Hydra, the next Avengers movie, even Dr. Strange), and some standout performances (Robert Redford as a Villain!) but my best memory was going opening night, and having the comic book movie neophytes gasp in shock when it was revealed that Bucky was now the Winter Soldier. For one who revered the original comic storyline, I was very happy of how things went, and knew that Infinity War would probably go the same way.
Can’t wait for more Comic movie review’s!
Rich in Winnipeg.

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I don’t even know where to begin with this thing. I guess let’s start with the “action”. The camera work was so up in everyone’s ass the whole time that I couldn’t make out what was going on and it suffered from massive shaky cam syndrome as it would just flip all over the place. I rarely get motion sickness and I was verging on it pretty heavily during the opening boat mission.

The movie also felt like it really wanted to be Rated R, but they had to make do with PG-13. There are some moments of brutal violence, but others where everything is unbelievably clean. A bus gets t-boned by a semi and the worst thing that happens it seems is that a woman loses her shoe.

The CG in the movie was very sketchy at times. So many times that shield flying looked like a cartoon. I kept expecting Eddie Valiant to grab it to pop out of the magnet sticking him to a barrel. That entire scene with Peggy Carter, what was that? In the $170 million dollar budget they couldn’t hire an older actress or do old age make-up? Nope! Let’s cg some eyes on someone’s body and do atrocious ADR work. Gotta have more money for pew pew helicarrier battles.

The movie felt like Steve was a backseat passenger in a 70s Spy/Espionage movie that is taking elements from better movies and improving on none of it. Things are telegraphed so hard in this they might as well have called the movie Captain America: The Winter Observatory. If you’ve seen the three Iron Man movies, you already know the skeletal plot of this movie.

I like Chris Evans as Cap. I really do, but I feel like they don’t give him much to work with in this movie. Hell, they don’t even give the Winter Solider much to work with and he’s in the title of the damn thing. This movie needed to be trimmed by about 20-30 minutes.

The biggest leap in logic this film suffers from is the immediate decision to trust Falcon. “Shield has been compromised and we need help…I know this random guy that helps vets. Let’s trust him with our lives!” Why not call Hawkeye? Why was this character just forgotten about?

This movie is not the best Marvel movie, but its not the worst. Its so mediocre and middle of the road in everything it tries to do. It has never clicked for me. 2.5/5

Winter Soldier is the Bourne Identity of Marvel movies. One of the best they’ve filmed.

The absolute pinnacle of the MCU. Whilst there are plenty of great comic book movies in the MCU, Infinity War being the latest example, Winter Solider transcends those boundaries, like The Dark Knight before it.

Dialling down the CGI and extended, often meandering, action set pieces typically found in superhero movies, Winter Solider instead focuses on characters, suspense and has grounded reality you would find in the best 70s political thrillers, with a nuance that is sadly absent in the rest of the MCU.

This is a movie I could watch repeatedly and never get bored, for fans of Marvel and superheroes in general, it doesn’t get much better than this.


I love all the Marvel films, but this one doesn’t rank high for me. While it is a very good movie, it isn’t what I look for in a big comic book movie. I’m a fan of the big, colourful, action packed, CGI films. When I watch one of these, I want an epic experience, that feels like it NEEDS to be seen in theatres. Winter Soldier feels more like something I could find in a TV series or at the very least, not have to trek to the theatre to see it.