FEEDBACK for Feb. 20 NXT

Hellllllo! Recording a special upNXT with WAI TING tomorrow morning at 10am… post any comments or questions for the show here!

Been listening to you guys since WrestleMania 30, The Law period, the angry agnew period, then the back to back bartenders lol. Love everything Post Wrestling John and Wai and UpNXT with BrayD and Dave do. It was because of you guys I started my own gaming podcast and also started streaming on twitch, after seeing the connection you guys have with your audience. Thank you. now onto the SHOW

That Best of NXT 2018 DVD with has 11 matches and they are probably the best 11 matches in all of WWE for 2018. (screw the main roster)

Couple of show notes,

that Roddy torture rack on the apron to Blacks neck hitting the ring post looked sick.

Velveteen Dream channeling his inner Rick Rude :slight_smile:

The way Johnny was twisting Dreams arm back on the mat was nasty looking.

Mauro with the Prince reference “this is what it looks like, when dream flies”

im pretty sure if Johnny freaking wrestling and Velveteen dream had 100 matches none would be bad, this match was awesome. Grats to Dream

I know u don’t watch main roster BrayD but Wai suffers through it every week. DIY vs Bar was on smackdown and Ciampa was doing a powerbomb spot on sheamus and he landed on Ciampa’s knee. Word is no injury occurred but it looked like they got a little stiff after that happened, Sheamus laying his stuff in a little thick. Thoughts?

Keep up the great work guys.

Always a fan


Harry from Houston,

I’m not even sure where to start this week for nxt. The call ups were ok I guess even though DIY teaming up still feels weird and super forced to me. I really hope Gargano wins the NXT title, I’ve wanted it since Philadelphia last year and the possibility that he might never win it really worries me, especially if it’s because Vince called him up an a whim.

As for the actual show, it was a well above average one with a great opener and main event. I’m not sure what Ricochet and Black have to do anymore with no obvious feuds beyond the undisputed era, and it feels like they’ve been feuding with them forever. The title match was incredible and might be my favorite nxt tv match ever. The near falls near the end were great and the match as a whole kept me engaged. I really hope this DIY reunion doesn’t last much longer as I’m already over it and just want Johnny and Ciampa to beat the shit out of each other again.

Charbel the Sushi master
From Victoriaville

This nxt was really awsome !! That dream gargano match was again a match of the year contender for nxt tv and we are getting those high caliber match almost each weeks !
I know I said it last time but Candice is so beautiful ! Last time she was a dress like a girl in high school listening to paramore but now she is definitely listening to my chemical romance !
Question for wai!
On rasd you were trying to make sense of the call ups, and if they would follow story line and story progression with gargano ciampa feud ,
You always say that only a small portion of fans watching the main roster are watching nxt so do you think Wwe can get away on not finnishsing feuds , characters or long term booking ?
Like bray always says , wrestling is like comic books ! so is nxt the extended universe of marvel !?

Hello guys, and congratulations to Wai to be invited to the big show on the Post Wrestling network!

The main event was fantastic and I invite everyone to rewatch it with a different mindset. Training to wrestle here in Japan, more than learning to call spots, we learn to feel the environment and take clues from each other in the ring without saying anything. The way one chooses to return a punch or not, or the facial expression when making eye contact, everything means so much through real communication. The main event is a wonderful example of this. In between planned spots you don’t see any moving lips or ref cues. These two knew each other, the crowd, and the goal of the match. The result was a fantastic display very different from something that could be scripted bell to bell.

And in case you found it interesting, these days indie workers in Japan love watching NXT. It provides a lot of inspiration and new ideas for how to work in front of a crowd of a similar size and attitude.

Thanks as always, and have a great day, guys.

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Jesse from the 6

Hey y’all, I’m back. I have ended my boycott of the WWE Network, though I pressume I’ll cancel my subscription again when the next Saudi show comes around. I came back for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted to watch NXT tonight so I’d have feedback to give for this momentous upNXT BrayTing reunion edition.

  2. The WWE Network has a good ad campaign out. I saw a commerical showing all these fans enjoying the WWE, especially this one handsome lad in an Austin 3:16 shirt losing his shit at a live show, and I just felt like I was missing out, y’know?

  3. Gargano v Dream; and it did not disappoint. What an ending sequence! Loved it. Do you know if this was the finish they taped first?

Question for Wai: Have you ever shown your girlfriend Gargano v Almas?

Question for Braden: How do you feel watching your favourite NXT characters on the main roster? Is it like watching lame American remakes of foreign films? Like Ringu vs. The Ring?

Question for both: When’s that new BrayTing EP dropping?

Se y’all in New York.
Take Care

Okay so you have $50.00 to bet on who is gunna have the most high profile career on the main roster who do you pick?

*tommaso ciampa
*johnny gargano
*Aleister Black
*Velveteen Dream
*adam cole

Braden do you think John and wai are going to embarrass themselves when they do their show live at the broadway comedy club? :rofl:

Allo, allo, allo! The Face of Fastlane here. Mr Haha, himself!

Braden, I leave you alone for one week and what happens?! Four of the best talent get poached by the main roster and my boy loses the North American Championship on his first defence?! You really gotta hold down the fort better.

Cracking episode. The opening was solid. It seems like they might be going for a bit of a losing streak story with UE. All four of them have lost pretty high profile matches and they all “went out to prove they can do it on their own”. I feel we could see them being dastardly again very soon to pick up those wins. Early picks have to be REdragon to win the Dusty Classic and maybe Roddy challenge for the NA Title sometime soon.

Thought it was quite a clever way to show the altercation between the Horsewomen and the rest of the women by starting with Sara Del Rey introducing Rachel Ellering at the PC.

Awesome, Takeover worthy main event with some great spots and superb closing sequence. Will we ever see those deleted scenes? A little concerned with the recent call-ups. I really hope DIY get to finish their story without feeling rushed.

Anywho, thanks for filling in Wai. Great job with Scrump last week Bray. I’m now off to Oxford Street for a coffee! Ahoy!

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DavidGeorge91 from Manila, PH

Hello Sir BrayD and sir Wai how are you guys right now :blush:?

The first match was brutal and sadistic, especially when Daddy Roddy performs a torture rack back breaker to Blacks neck to the ring apron so hard that makes me totally speechless, dang! I hope he[Black] is fine, but nevertheless it is Great.

I have nothing else to say about the second match (Womens). We’ll it is Good but slightly, just slightly not enjoyable due to Xia Li’s less wrestling oriented strikes. Other than that, this is more of a MMA style match.

Is it me or J.B. (Jeremy Borash) gave an Interview to Matt Riddle?

I’ve seen so many matches with the Dream over the past couple of months in NXT. But this one is pretty awesome. The move executions, the drama and the intense of this main event really makes it a potential candidate to become a 5-star match by Dave Meltzer. Congratulations btw to the Dream as this will be his stepping stone to become a NXT champion in the following months.

I’ll give this Episode a score of 8.5/10


*How do you compare Aleister Black to the Undertaker, your thoughts?

*Will Jade[Mia Yim] become a Champion anytime soon?

*Any updates to the injured NXT Superstars

PS: Can you tell sir John Pollock that thank you for the Vince Mchmahon impersonation voice. Not only as a Stress reliever but this is a Good vibe to the faithful listeners out there. Being said on behalf of 250,000 Filipino supporters of you[John & Wai] and everyone else in the Post Wrestling network, just wanted to say; keep up your good work.

Thanks, and as always, God bless, more power.

Hey guys this is my first feedback in a while as I usually don’t watch live, but I had to this week with all the main roster craziness and the title match between Dream and Gargano.

I’ll happily admit I don’t like change in my wrestling so I am almost always apprehensive to any NXT call ups. I try my best to be positive but I was especially irked by the way Triple H just announced DIY, Ricochet, and Black. I feel like there were better ways to present those guys regardless of how bad the Monday crowd was. However, I liked the way they came across on SmackDown but maybe I’m just biased towards that show.

I’ve never really been impressed with Mia Yim since I first saw her as a part of the Dollhouse in TNA but hopefully her off screen chemistry with her roommate Shayna Baszler can translate in ring.

Also, how cool was it seeing Jeremy Borash on WWE programming?

Patrick from Toronto. FIRST TIME / LONG TIME !!!

Fantastic episode this week of NXT with great matches and I’m very interested in the developments to come in the next few weeks especially with Gargano/Ciampa.

Solid match to open the show with Black and Roddy (still loves back breakers). Amazing main event match that really picked up towards the final third. The NA title on Dream will be a great stepping stone for him to chase the main title when the top guys make their way to the main roster.

Was that a smirk I saw on Ciampa’s face when they cut to him right after the match? I am assuming their “alliance” will now dissolve and this will lead to Gargano going after Ciampa’s title for the next Takeover. I can imagine a dark, gold obsessed Gargano caring more for glory than revenge when he comes for Ciampa. Interesting times to come…

Not sure how I feel about the NXT callups as it was weird seeing these guys on the main rosters already doing WWE style worded scripting and matches. Finger crossed.

Keep up the great work boys! Been a fan for a while now and wish nothing but success for the whole POST Wrestling Family!