FEEDBACK for July 10 NXT


Recording a new upNXT Thursday- post any comments or questions for the show here!

Tonight’s NXT was pretty great.

  • Io Shirai’s promo was very effective, although there was blatant editing of crowd reactions.
  • The Breakout Tournament match was a fun little romp.
  • Shayna’s generic promo tonight only confirmed my feelings that this Mia/Shayna feud is ice cold in my eyes… Mia is a wonderful person, but this is easily the least interested I’ve ever been in a Shayna title feud. Ever.
  • Oney/Danny vs The Street Profits was a fun little match, but I didn’t have much doubt in the Profits retaining.

A little question for you guys: Do you see whoever dethroning Shayna having a short title reign? There aren’t many credible women who are heels in the division right now. The only two are Bianca and Io. While there are quite a few credible babyfaces.

Eva from the 519 (or 226)
Nxt tonight was average.
Io shirari heel presence was good but she should stick to saying fuck Kairi in Japanese. Her just saying i dont need you came off very forced.
Breakout tournament match was good but Myles leagues above Boa.
Shaynas promo was far from generic (decent at least :p) but she brought up a good point when she said you hear that story “got out of the streets made a life for myself” all the time in the fight game and that she needs Mia to show her more than just the same old story. It pointed out why this feud is cold. Mia hasnt done anything (which sucks because I wanted this roommate feud to be good)
Killian Dains promo was great (im assuming hes talking about the Troubles in Northern Ireland)
Tag title match was good but the show ended with ten minutes left in the hour. Huh
Two questions

  1. Does anybody really want to see Apollo Crews, even if its against Kushida?
  2. If i started a petition to make the nxt commentary team just Mauro and Nigel, would you two gentlemen sign?
    All the best from London
    PS Damian Priest is an awful awful name. Sounds like a rejected villain character from Blade IV

Harry from Houston,

With the G1 coming up I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to be able to keep up with NXT, as another week passes with me being slightly disappointed. There was nothing bad on the show or anything but it just feels like there’s very little going on and they’re actually struggling to fill an hour as opposed to struggling to keep it to an hour. Last year there was talk of a 2 hour show but I don’t think I would even think of sitting through a weekly 2 hour NXT show right now. The roster feels much more thin and it definitely feels like a transition period. Hopefully the show gets more exciting as we get closer to takeover.

Marvin from Berlin, Germany

First Time, Long Time!

I really enjoyed this weeks NXT,

  • Io’s promo was short but effective, just following up what she was mentioning after the match.
  • Damian Priest’s squash match was fine, but I may be one of the only people that doesn’t like him (so far at least). P.S. As a newer watcher of NXT but also Wrestling in general, what’s the difference between his finisher the Reckoning and Nikki Cross’s finisher.
  • I really enjoyed Myles vs Boa. Myles incredible high flying skills were amazing, so wasn’t surprising that he moved on to the semis. The only thing that started to annoy me were all the “miles” and “snake” puns from Ranallo.
  • The main event was fun, even if there was 0 chance of a title change with the street profits being on RAW with the titles after these tapings had occurred.

Thanks for some fun podcasting. You guys made me start watching NXT.

Cheers, Marvin.

Love Io. Who doesn’t? Who doesn’t love black pleather? Who doesn’t love Io in black pleather??

The breakout tournament match had me thinking: what would happen if Boa met The Original Bro? Would the match end up being like an MMA fight?

“Jordan Myles” - what a name! :dizzy_face: :smirk:

Ahoy! (I miss Kairi :cry:)

I love when a babyface turns dark, wears black clothes and her theme goes with it. That’s the heel turn I wanted for Bailey. Io looked great here.

Damian Priest does nothing for me.

Keith Lee becomes “infinite” whatever that means.

Nice main event.

I like the new IO look but I have concerns with her as a heel that doesn’t/cannot really cut a promo. I feel like she needs to be almost more like a monster attacking people, but that overlaps with Shayna a bit.

Breakout match was good as was the Tag match.

2 matches in and Damien Priest just doesn’t impress me that much. His moves just look clunky and not that athletic. He has an imposing presence but I just think his move set feels wrong for his skills.

Ange from Cali,

Hey guys. I feel like I always say this but i truly believe Io Shirai is the best women’s wrestler in the world, who do you guys think is the best female wrestler in the world? Also, if Keith Lee is on the next takeover, who would you guys like to see him face? P.S Kawhi will miss Toronto more then Toronto will miss him!! :man_shrugging: