Hellllllo! Davie and myself will be recording a new upNXT Thursday morning! Post any comments or questions!!!

Andrew from Cape Breton

I love Shayna Baszler, but the biggest issue I have with her promos is she sounds like a 10 year old boy. I can picture that boy being a bully, so she has that down at least. That NXT Women’s division, they’re killin’ her, Smalls! One big positive is the character and charisma that Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly have developed. Strong in particular is showing the most personality he’s ever had in his entire career, and it does show that the performance centre can help teach long time veterans something they didn’t have before.

Jesse from the 6

Davie, who do you think England will defeat in the World Cup Final? And by how many goals will they win? 6? 7?

It’s coming home.

Omri from Israel,

An okay episode of NXT, the Velveteen/Dijak match was great and I really enjoyed the handicap match. Shayna couldn’t stop smiling from the moment she came out to the ramp, which made her cutting a serious promo a bit weird and underwhelming.
It’s nice to see they’re using the steaks and weights selfie promos to build up matches and not only for silly promos.
The main event has left me feeling weird, as soon as EC3 got on offence I reached for my phone, and I don’t think I might be starting to get over the Gargano story. Now he’s becoming like Ciampa? We’ll see where it goes for the weeks to come but I’m loosing interest fast.
Kairi Sane is a much better promo in English than Asuka or Nakamura.
And finally, Davey, I have to say I’m disappointed that Colombia didn’t pass so all I’m left to cheer for is an Uruguay win. Other than the obvious Croatia and England, who do you think makes it to the second side of the semi finals bracket?

Jalen from Pickering,

I think what makes NXT so good is that they let things breathe, you really get to soak in each segment. Santana Garrett looked more impressive than Dakota, and I don’t get why she isn’t signed. The Mighty have unfortunately been dubbed a name incredibly fitting when you compare them to the other teams. And I loved Gorgonzola’s descent into darkness, however I didn’t need Mauro spelling out every subtlety, allusion, an callback to me.

NXT is great right now, it feels like everyone is ultimately working towards a championship, so even personal or smaller feuds feel like they have more importance to them. Last thing, I know the tag division is stacked, but where the hell are my street profits? I need that sauce back.