Hellllllo! Recording new upNXT on Thursday, post any comments or questions for the show here!

 Paul from New Jersey 

The Street Profits post victory promo was so great. Happy for those guys. I also thought Kona Reeves put in a good showing.

question, is there any chance Tyler Breeze will one day be crowned NXT Champion? I think that would be a really good and easy story to tell.

Hi guys. Not much to talk about during this episode (its a typical post Takeover episode), but anyways.

How do you guys feel about the Io promo backstage? Is it setting up for a rematch on TV, or do you see Io roughing up Jessamyn/Marina to get under Shayna’s skin to goad her into a rematch at Toronto? I feel like with Bianca losing tonight, they need a new top heel for when Shayna gets called up, and I feel like they are going to head that direction with Io soon. Bianca has eaten too many high profile losses with little to no character development on top of it.

Also how do you guys feel about Mia Yim winning against Bianca and being launched into title contention? I know some have speculated that she is getting the title match at Toronto, but I just…dunno. Something feels off about Mia in terms of star power. I feel like her dethroning Shayna would be incredibly underwhelming. Same goes with Candice LeRae.

Hello guys,

Drove 7.5 hours from Ottawa to Bridgeport. Well worth the drive. First wrestling show I’ve attended in at least 10 years. Everyone was over except the forgotten sons and Kona Reeves. So many Adam Cole Bay Bay chants before the show. Arena was basically sold out. The Hangover matches were ok but I tried to get food during the women’s match but so did half the building. My plan was to try again during the women’s match in takeover but you could see thousands of people doing the same thing so I had to abort. I would do another road trip there again if they return to Bridgeport

Robin in Ottawa

Chris from Queensland, Australia.

Just a question today, as I’ve cancelled my network subscription for the second time after how bad the overall WWE product has become.

So with WWE doing TV tapings of Raw & SmackDown in the UK twice a year should NXT UK move their two major Takeover’s to the Sunday before the tapings? Would allow them to build up to major shows. Then have 2 or 3 other Takeover’s at smaller venues around the UK or Europe?

Will always listen along to the BDE, peace!

Given Yim wins again, I have to wonder if Bianca is expected to get called up to one of Vince’s show?

Io as badass, speaking angry words in Japanese, is great. It’s not going to be a thing on a Vince/Dunn produced show, but enjoy it on NXT while you can.

Hi BFFs, how are you now? My apologies for not posting my feedback last week due to work schedules and other personal stuff.

Here is my quick verdict from Takeover last Saturday; go and re-watch, all of the matches are great.

As for this week’s episode, we’ll nothing special to to it, with the exception of handful mid-card like matches reminding me from WWE Velocity or Sunday Night Heat. Keep up your good work Io, and again congrats to Adam Cole, baby!


Is Jade[Mia Yim] really a championship material in the NXT Women’s Division?


Can you add Rush to my wish list of your movie reviews as a mini-tribute to Niki Lauda, RIP.

With that take care my Besties, and more power to the men and women of POST universe. Peace!

Andrew from Cali

Hey fellas, Moxley’s interviews took the wrestling world by storm last week, who is another wrestler you’d like to see let loose and tell the world how they feel? And who is your breakout nxt star so far this year? Thank you guys!