FEEDBACK for NXT TakeOver Chicago

Hellllllo! Davie & I will record a show early Sunday morning… post any comments or questions!!!

Jalen from Pickering,

Jesus Fucking Christ! That main event! This is the best feud in the WWE since I don’t even know, because this has surpassed Michaels/Jericho. I don’t know how, but NXT managed to give us obvious winners that somehow still had unpredictable finishes.

The unsung hero of this show was some of the attire though, Ricochet just looked sick, Ciampa had himself as Thanos on his shirt, and the Dream wore pants very similar to the pants of a certain former prince of Lucha Underground. Kudos to NXT. Now I can’t wait to hear CM Punk chants during Reigns vs Jinder tomorrow.

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Amazing show. Tomasso Ciampa is the best heel in wrestling. I like Undisputed Era, but one issue with them is they’re cool heels, and because of that, poor Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan had to kill themselves just to get people to like them. In that street fight, Tomasso begged for help and begged for the match to be stopped because he couldn’t take anymore from Johnny. All this despite acting like a tough guy bad ass for weeks on end. Guys like Tomasso aren’t afraid to not just be hated, but to look pathetic and cowardly while wrestling, even if they make themselves out to be bad ass killers beforehand. Now, the coward and pathetic quitter can go back to acting like he was this bad ass that mopped the floor with his former friend.

10 Prince Puma/Hulk Hogan crossover attires out of 10.

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Brandon from Oshawa

Another great Takeover, with the exception of the women’s title match. Kyle O’Reilly is definitely the stand out of NXT to me. His style is so unique to everyone else in NXT and WWE and as much as I love a Undisputed Era, I can’t wait for him to break off.

I want Ciampa to go after the title, but him and Johnny definitely need a blow off. I’m thinking it has to be 3 Stages of Hell. I have to say, when Steve Corino came out at the end of the main event, it would have been awesome if he helped Ciampa.

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Mark from Vaughan

NXT is just incapable of having a bad Takeover. Every match delivered. The only glaring blemish was the phantom Black Mass before the finishing sequence of the title match. That was brutal and took me out of what was a good match. Even so, the end was decent.

I appreciated the efforts of Burch and Oney as technicians but I’m not invested in them as characters. Looking forward to Undisputed Era having flashier contenders in Brooklyn.

Question 1: Do you think Ricochet jumps straight to a title shot? His match with Dream had the feel of an unofficial #1 contender match. Can’t really think of anyone else worthy for NXT’s biggest show of the year.

Question 2: Gargano and Ciampa are obviously coming back for Part 3 in the Cell and main eventing again so do you think it’s taken away from Black’s title reign that he’ll probably now be on 3 shows in title matches without being in the main event? It’s taken some luster off him for me. Doesn’t feel quite as special.

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Jesse from the 6

I liked the story Gargano and Ciampa told in the main event: Gargano became as evil as Ciampa and lost the match. Having said that, having to re-do the exact same stip match as last Takeover hurt them a little. It just strained credulity: why would a move on the plywood of the ring hurt any more than on the floor or on the ramp? And if the ref consents for the medics to remove a competitor on a stretcher, the match is fucking over. So, that was a bit silly.

“5 Star Lars” should be re-named “2 Star Lars” after those botches.

It was no instant classic, but I thought the storytelling and character work of Cross vs. Baszler was really well laid out and made sense.

I don’t know why Velveteen Dream was Hulk Hogan tonight but fuck it, he can do no wrong. Great performance by both him and Ricochet.

And Oney Lorcan is going to die if he keeps taking bumps like that on the apron. WTF?!
But a great tag match. It was just a shame that Adam Cole had to get involved. That’s cheap; it’s like using GameShark to beat Nintendo games or wooing girls just because you have a cute accent.

Take Care / Come on England!

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I think we can all agree that there’s no way Money in the Bank tomorrow comes close to this


Scrump from Pro Wrestling Tees

Thanos wins!

I just left the show with the majority of the Pro Wrestling Tees staff(and a special appearance by Marty DeRosa and Sarah Shockey from the Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling podcast on the MLW network) and what a show it was!

On paper the card wasn’t that great but all the matches were good, minus the women’s match.
They had the beach balls out for that match and some small CM Punk chants.

The opening match of Oney Lorcan and his dad vs Kyle O’Reily and his dad was the best technical match on the card. Undisputed we’re technically the heels but we didn’t get the notice cause the crowd loved them.
We all knew Undisputed was winning but the match was still great.

Dream vs Ricochet was really good but I feel like they rushed their match. I definitely see a rematch in the near future.
Dream coming out as Hogan was amazing.

I used the women’s match as an opportunity to go seek out one of the autographed posters for the show as I just hate the Baszler character and have had zero interest.
When I came back to our suite the crowd was throwing a beach ball and chanting Rusev Day.

Aleister Black vs 5 Star Lars was a good solid match.
I was afraid the crowd was going to turn on the match when they botched the Black Mass but they quickly won back the audience.
On a quick side note, I mentioned to Bray that about 13 years ago I met a kid named Dylan via a forum on the WWE’s MySpace page.
We all jokingly gave him shit when he said he wanted to become a wrestler, like 12 year olds do, and wouldn’t you know it…he’s now Lars Sullivan!
It’s great to see him have accomplished his dream and I hope he just keeps on getting better.

The main event was insane.
The crowd was hot the entire time for them and everyone in our section were constantly on their feet for it.
I loved that they had the Avengers: Infinity War ending with Ciampa coming out on top.
Their next match HAS to be Hell In A Cell because I don’t see any other gimmick being enough to warrant another match.

Overall fun show.
Sucked that we didn’t get to see a Pete Dunne vs Adam Cole match but that didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the show.


I thought this was a good TakeOver show. But honestly, I can’t put this on the same level as some of the more recent TakeOver shows. The Sullivan/Black match was a bit sloppy in a couple places (Black Mass misses), and the stop sign in the Gargano/Ciampa match took me out of it a little bit. I can’t believe a fan can sneak a stop sign into a WWE show with all that security. Sorry. Blow up beachballs? Ok. Street signs? Not so much. I felt Gargano/Ciampa from New Orleans was a more solid match deserving of the ***** rating. To me, Dream and Ricochet stole the show. Dream is only 22, folks. His best days are still far off, which should make us all happy for the future.

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Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

A great show by WWE standards, I’d say maybe a 7 or even 8 out of 10. But by world Wrestling standards I’d say a 4 or even a 5 out of 10.

It felt very repetitive in a “WWE paint by numbers” booking style, but would recommended checking out both “Ricochet Vs Dream” & “Gargano Vs Ciampa II”.


  • When will Fish be back for Undisputed Era?
  • What do you expect to headline NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV?

I was at the show live. The most over people were Undisputed Era. The arena was hot for the whole match. That was my favorite match of the night. Ricochet and dream was 50/50 and the crowd loved that match too. Couldn’t believe the suplex onto the floor. Great build up to the end. Nobody wanted baizler to win, she got boos or no reaction. A beach ball came out during that match which everyone booed and a fan ripped it up. That was followed by a beach balls suck chant. I was disappointed in the two singles championship matches. The crowd was cold for both of them, they just were not that entertaining. Of course the street fight was great. Lots of stiff moves. This was the best WWE show I have seen live. NXT is light years better than the main roster. Overall I was very happy with the show.

What can I say? Just a fantastic showing tonight. NXT, proved once again that the best wrestling happens on Saturday, not Sunday. I have to stop watching these before the main card Pay Per Views. Gargano vs. Ciampa, was amazing, unbelievable, I am beyond speech. This Takeover was a 10 out of 10 for me.

I’m going to play party pooper on this one and got to say that I didn’t find this show as great as everybody is saying it was.

The first 2 match we’re really good matches for jibber matches since sadly velveteen dream is pretty much in the jobber role for big event.

The women’s match was good for what it was, same goes for the NXT championship match and while gargano vs chiampa was a great match, it was the same old, same old from these guys and I’m getting bored with this feud already.

In the end, this was just a holdover takeover that didn’t advance anything.

This is probably my last takeover I’m watching because the product just doesn’t do it for me and I lost interest in it.



Daniel from Brooklyn

  • the tag match was great. fast paced, a bit sloppy, but in a good way. wily like a real fight.
  • Dream & Ricochet both look like major stars just from their entrances alone. Loved the story of them stealing each others moves.
  • remember when the NXT womens roster was great, and had multiple, credible contenders?
  • 5StarLars, minus the botch, was impressive. That match was better than I was expecting. Would love to see Lars vs. Braun, or Lars teaming up w. Braun.
  • While part of me is hyped I’ll get to see Tomato/Gorganzola 3 it at TakeOver Brooklyn, the other part of me wants them to go away for a bit, and let this feud cook some more with time away, to have the 3rd and final match feel really earned. in addition to a cell, i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a “loser leaves NXT” stip.

keep up the good work. (if you and yours are coming to TakeOver in BK, say hello! i’ll be there! i have couches and N64s!)

Fantastic card.
Opener was easily one of the best tag matches under the WWE umbrella. O’Riely is money!
I was a bit down on RicoDream, especially the whole Hogan reference. Bit slow but the big spots were great.
The poor women’s title has been cursed since Asuka’s last match against Cross in the No DQ match. I get that it’s developmental but Shayna as champ is not working.
Dream/Lars Ulrich was better then expected, please never let Black move to the main roster. Hopefully he gets a better story and opponent coming out of this.
The best story ever written by someone under the WWE umbrella is happening in a one hour weekly show that barely gets the attention it deserves. Give us that Cell match for Summerslam weekender!
Ps keep an eye out for the name of an Aussie star coming up in the indys called Robbie Eagles. His matches at the past 3 Sydney PWA shows have been outstanding and has been doing some small PWG shows too.
Keep up the goods :heart:

Watch this show last night with my son he is nine. He loved the first two matches and was so excited for the whole thing. He really loves Gargano so much and hates Champa so much. WWE made a little boy cry when is hero failed.

Everybody else said most the other stuff I just wanted to mention how awesome the costumes were from a captain America tribute to the hall Cogan tribute to the wings on ricochet everybody went to a new level with their gear

Do you think that these shows are so much better than WWE because they build it to good storylines or Because you really only get the amazing 30 minute all out matches in NXT on their specialswhich only happen five times a year?

Thanks guys next time in the six beers on me

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Dan from PTBO.

I thought the tag match was Match of the night. No gimmicks or elaborate story lines, just 4 maniacs putting on a clinic. The NXT tag division has felt stale recently, but this reminded me of when teams like DIY, American Alpha, and the Revival were stealing every show.

Eric from Chicago:

I attended this show live and despite being only a casual viewer of NXT, I really enjoyed it. The main event might have been the best match I’ve ever seen live. It told a really great story and kept the crowd on the edge of their seat throughout. The tearing up the ring mat spot was super innovative. A lot of the fans in my section did not see the Ciampa win coming and were in shock by the finish. I loved it and love Ciampa’s sadistic heel character.

I thought the fan with the stop sign was a plant. It looks like he might not have been given some of the feedback above? Even so, he was strategically placed right by where Gargano launched off the set. Aleister Black’s botch did not look as bad from my section as it did re-watching it on The Network. The only disappointments on this show were not seeing Velveteen Dream hulk up and EC3 and Kairi Sane not wrestling. I may start watching NXT a lot more, as the the product isn’t as over saturated as the main roster and doesn’t drag on.

Terrific wrestling show where 5 matches felt like plenty and every talent was well defined, over with the audience, and busted their a$$ off.

Most ppl covered standouts so here is some notes after reading everyone else:
-Gargano-Ciampa 3 should absolutely be in Hell in a Cell (first time ever for NXT). The feud, for no championship, has been incredible story telling for over 2 years now if you trace it back to the CWC match.
-I don’t feel Blacks run with the title is at all tainted as he’s not the same kind flashy promo some past champs were and he’s also looked unstoppable. I think there is a lot left for him such as Cole, Rocochette and go back to the Dream match. He should be a strong champ for a long time as NXT has gotten away from longer runs due to call ups.
-amazing how NXT books a feud to headline cards ahead of championship but main roster Raw can’t come up with anything entertaining without there champ there.
-Undisputed Era is a super hot team who hits all the notes an old school stable should. The kind of group that could really do standout work with any stable on the planet. Adam Cole is great even when just an outside presence
-between Dream’s Hulk outfit and O’Reily playing guitar with his belt - lot of HH imagery

I just love the format of takeovers with only 5 matches. That’s how every WWE PPV should be : 5-6 matches, all different. You don’t have to have everyone on the card.