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Hey Guys!!!

POST your feedback here for NXT TakeOver New Orleans airing at 8pm on April 7, 2018 for the “upNXT TakeOver Review Show” with Braden and Bartender Dave coming out early Sunday morning. We’ll be recording after the show while Dave’s wife sleeps on the couch.


Carl from the uk

Welcoming move to put the non sanctioned match between Ciampa and Gargano above the nxt championship, this is a match that cannot be followed

FUCK! what an amazing generation of wrestling we get to live in, if you don’t fancy watching Ciampa vs Gargano then you can turn over and watch Cody vs Kenny Omega!

Aliester Black and Cien Almas simply don’t have bad matches it’s impossible! Zelina vega’s selling was fantastic, there will always be a place in professional wrestling for a great heel manager

Scott putski award goes to EC3 my god he looks so ripped he even has abs on his back!


From top to bottom, this card was unbelievable! Ending with Ciampa and Gargano was a great move and those two nearly killed each other.

Black and Almas had a great match for the title. The rematch will be amazing! Think we’ll see Almas on Monday night?

The tag match was kinda bland until the finish. Mr create-a-wrestler turning on Dunne was a great move and surprised the hell out of me.

Ember vs Bayzler was better than expected. Shayna driving her own arm into the post was a great visual. Wasn’t a huge fan of that long finish, but it works.

The ladder match! All I can honestly say is, holy shit! My 9yr old daughter thought this was one of the best matches ahe has ever seen and I can’t really disagree. Nothing more to add.

I’m attending Mania tomorrow night and I don’t see how they can outdo this show. 10/10!!!

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Matt from Newfoundland

What an incredible show from start to finish. It’s a running joke between my friend and I that each show is better than the last but the streak continues. I love that each match delivered in its own unique way but I thought the main event was clearly the show stealer even if I thought Ciampa should have went over.

Also worth mentioning that in a weekend filled with professional wrestling, the relatively short 5 match NXT show really stood out as the perfect length.

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Jesse from the 6

A very good show tonight. We saw a great grudge match and a decent tag team match, too.
That ladder match was insane, but with so many great athletes and ladder match experts involved, what else did you expect? That bump off the tallest ladder? Holy smokes! Am I right?
The finish to the women’s match seemed botched, but what can you do? Still waiting for the main event, but all in all, I’d say Supercard of Honor has been entertaining.

P.S. I haven’t watched Takeover yet, but I’m sure that was good, too.

Take Care

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Chris from Florida

Absolutely insane show. Every match was great.

Real death defying stuff from Ricochet in the opener, but the end result was expected. So many spots in this match I can’t really pick much out aside from the insane moonsault off the falling ladder to the outside. Crazy

Ember and Bazler had a very solid match, a few botches that were nicely covered. I was a fan of the finish as it fits with Bazler’s character.

The three way tag was a bit boring but the twist at the end really saved it. Dunne looked amazing in this match.

Black and Almas had a ridiculous match but my one criticism was that it was slightly overbooked in regards to Vega. I think they went to the well with her a few to many times. But Black definitely deserves a run.

And what can you say about the final match. These two guys killed each other. Ciampa looked like he had a nasty shiner at the end, but the number of spots was insane. Special shoutout to the crowd for the Mama Mia chant when Mauro took his (probably unexpected) bump.

This crowd was unbelievable. They were hot for every match and it elevated this show even further. Call ups? AOP, Almas, Ember Moon

9.5 Mamma Mia chants out of 10

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James in Japan

Once again NXT pull off an amazing show.

I was surprised that the ladder match was going on first and after was worried nothing would be able to follow it but every match was brilliant.

Strong’s turn in the tag match was great and will hopefully build to a 3 v 3 with British Strong Style.

Putting the Ciampa Gargano on last made sense because of the stipulation and the fact they were going to smash the place up.

The heat Ciampa had was amazing and some great chants from the crowd. Were they really chanting “you’re a wanker” at one point?

Beat that Wrestlemania!

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Jalen from Pickering,

Wow, so many words and emotions. Opening match was crazy and I loved it, but botchy and clanky. Dream felt a little out of his comfort zone, plus I think he might’ve gotten actually hurt. I do hope everyone is okay though since they all took some NASTY bumps. I also found the finish surprising, since Cole was 4th on my list on who I thought would win.

I had a feeling UE was gonna get a new member once the ladder match opened the show - either Dijak or Roddy - but I was nicely surprised by Roddy turning during the match.

I’m a little bummed that Black won tbh, but I’m glad that they got to redeem themselves from last year where the crowd wasn’t even paying attention during the finish.

And God Damn that main event! Only complaint was the lack of blood, but everything else was fantastic! I guess Gargano is just gonna have the best NXT matches ever for 2018, and I ain’t mad at that. Also I wanted Ciampa to win.

Question: What next for Ciampa? He doesn’t feel like he belongs on NXT or main roster to me.

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Alex K from TO,

Hey guys,

I really enjoyed this show with every match having moments when I got out of my seat screaming. Ricochet’s flip as he was thrown from a ladder was especially memorable.

I really thought Dunne was going to the one who turned on Roddy in the same way Samoa Joe turned on Finn Balor after they won the Dusty Classic but if this keeps Adam Cole from having to defend two titles at the same time I can accept it.

I was not looking forward to the woman’s match but about five minutes in they won me over and I was happy with Bazler winning since Amber’s title reign was nothing special and with Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai already lined up Shayna can be built up as an unstoppable force.

Could have sworn I saw Shane McMahon in the front row who was not mentioned unless I missed it during the broadcast so I thought with him being there plus WWE putting up a video of Daniel Bryan saying he wanted to sign Johnny Wrestling if he lost I was caught off guard by him winning.

Can’t wait to hear your review.

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Hey bartenders it’s charbel from Victoriaville

I watched takeover with one of my employee and is girlfriend , they only watch elimination chamber and fast lane , that’s thee only wrestling they ever saw and there were always laughing how fake some of it was . Tonight I think they told me 5 times during the main event if ciampa and Gargano really hate each other or that the way they hit each other was so real . When I look at that match everything was perfect , from the selling ,to the story they told in the ring with the injured knee of ciampa to the realistic feel of the match . I’m from Quebec my English is so bad but even in French I don’t have the words to describe how happy , frustrated , mad or stesss I was during the match or the big finishing moves and false finiishes .

By the way all the matches were incredible.

Question … is ciampa Gargano one of your top three favorite matchs of all times ?

And is Dave a fan of those band musical performance
For the wrestlers who comes to the ring .cause I like how nxt those it , it’s so simple and good .

Ps …yes Shane Bayley Sasha bank we’re in the crowd.

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Hey y’all,
I’m a late watcher.
Minor gripes about the show.

Ladder match logic, “just get the belt, dream!”, but that purple rain maker from the top of the ladder.

Why is Aleister Black smiling?
Only gripe, loved the match, and Almas to smackdown?

Ec3 looked out of place, and Lars Ulrich…still not a fan, but he was everywhere.

Did you and Dave see Pete Dunne’s instagram post. Picture and emoji tell the wonderful story.

The ladies had a better match than in Philly and I loved the Philly match!

And how super tan was Ciampa?

Talk amongst yourselves.
Thanks, gents.


Dave from Sydney

Incredible show! Ricochet and Velveteen were looking great in that first match, the future is bright for Dream.
Daddy Strong turn was super unexpected but a great twist to a good match.
Black/ACA was easily the fastest paced match I have seen in nxt, Black is GOD!
Main event was so fucking good
Women’s was the only let down, just not my cup of tea.
Mauro was lit!

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Mark from Vaughan

Loved this show. Every match had high points and most told a great story. Understandable that they’d open with the Ladder Match considering everything they did and what had to follow it. EC3 is charismatic but that dude cannot wrestle. Every time he was on offense the crowd got silent because of how bad it looked.

Questions: Who do you think is next in line for a shot at the title? There’s a ton of talent in NXT right now.

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