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How happy are shinsuke and ricochet now that they aren’t in SD hell. Sami in a title program next? I hope IC title and that he doesn’t show up next week with the 24/7 title. The women tag titles is maybe leading to a unification at the end (I watch too much UFC where interim titles are made a lot). Lastly why are AEW wrestlers in love with biting their opponents open wound?

Anthony from Melbourne

Haven’t had a chance to watch the shows yet but just wanted to ask if there has been any clarity on the Marko Stunt reference from the Christian promo?

I always took the reference to mean that Jungle Boy let Marko loose his job in AEW and Christian has pull backstage and will make sure Luchasaurus keeps his job.

But then after this weeks Dynamite we were reminded that Luchasaurus took out Matt Hardy for Christian who was really aligned with Jungle Boy but then Jungle Boy ran out to save Matt Hardy from Christian this week…

It is just so convoluted at this point, the only reasonable explanation I see is Luchasaurus turns on Jungle Boy again which long term I don’t like but at least this part of the story would make sense.

Smackdown had some good and some bad. First, the good. Shayna Baszler winning the gauntlet match is a nice choice for Liv’s next opponent (more on her in a second) in Cardiff. The women’s tag titles coming out of mothballs is a big sign that Sasha Banks and Naomi are on their way back. On the other hand, Liv Morgan did struggle addressing Summerslam and she got booed. Do the powers that be have to turn her or do they stay the course with her as a babyface?

Karrion Kross making his return throws the Reigns/McIntyre match into question. If he’s getting shoehorned to make it a triple threat, they’re outta their minds! This is some monkey’s paw booking.

Rampage had a fun street fight main event.

Jermaine from Chicago, Kate does a great job and brings a great women perspective to post. Thx John. Smackdown was improved this week. John you called it last week, Ricochet got his get out of jail free card with vince gone. Hunter sure does love him some killer kross. Hopefully this time he comes without the gimp suit. Love the begining of ricky starks babyface push. He has so much charisma. Quick question for both you guys. Do you think gable steveson and bron breakker now have true chances to be the next faces of the company as babyface. Because vince was washed as a babyface promoter?

Eddie from Austin. Usually if I don’t catch rampage “live” it will linger in the dvr and maybe get watched. Glad I had tonight off, because the mox match and main event were great and the whole show seemed to have more direction and purpose with the promotion for Battle of the Belts, which I might actually watch “live” now. How do you think this Saturday special brand is developing? If nothing else, having a lot of titles makes it an easier show to fill out.


Definitely a massive come down from Summer Slam and Raw. The long video packages, Pat McAfee’s long commentary on Corbin’s testicles and Nakamura facing Kaiser for the third time had me slightly worried Vince was back.

Still a very enjoyable show. Ricochet has his career back.

Finally, Cole is able to talk about NXT.

Here’s my question about Kross:

NXT faithful disliked him during his run there (under Hunter)
He went to main roster and that was a disaster (not Hunter)

Is the excitement over Kross himself OR Hunters novel booking. What happens when interest in Hunter being “not Vince” wanes. You can track the downfall of NXT Black&Gold to Kross’ push there. And anyone who just watches Raw/SD might only know Kross from his brief debut run.

I have no doubt the entrance will be great and he’ll be booked superior to what he was under Vince. But he himself couldn’t excite the most faithful WWE wrestling fans (those who watched NXT in 2020-2021). Hard to not pin some of that on the guy they pushed.

In like a month the excitement of Hunter booking these shows will wane. He’ll need to have good creative or talent to retain the excitement. He can keep debuting talent from the Wednesday night wars but that didn’t really succeed did it. Taking that larger scale doesn’t seem prudent. It feels like relying on the core base of viewers and hoping it excites them. Unproven and while of course there is benefit of the doubt since it’s main roster + new creative, I’m not sure how long the honeymoon period lasts before talent have to do it themselves.

EDIT: I went back to rewatch. You can hear a pin drop from the live audience. They didn’t seem to have a clue who or what it was.

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Watched both, and liked SmackDown, nice to see talent start to get used well. I’m not the biggest fan of the Bordeaux/Kross tandem… He reads like HHH-lite with Bordeaux playing goth-Steph. Though I do appreciate them as talent getting a second chance on the main roster.