Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling!

I will be going LIVE on Twitch with Andrew Thompson at 10:30EST for our full review.

Chris Elliot
Hey guys so i think tonight’s Impact was probably the worst I’ve seen in recent weeks. The first hour and a half had a generic WWE lite opening, followed by an average at best set of segments. Then came their Fire and Flava segment. That was excruciating to watch and a contender for the worst of show come the end of the year. Hell I’d even take the Charlotte Lacey Evans angle over this garbage.
At least we had the Trey Miguel surprise which I thought was cool. The chat in the Twitch co-stream I was watching (seen as Impact won’t show any of their official stream in the UK) seemed to be largely disappointed it was him, however it seemed to be filled with largely casual fans. The main was alright, however I couldn’t get rid of the bitter taste of the rest of the show.

Just for you Andrew, I give it 3 Mavens getting destroyed by the Undertaker out of 10

Good work Davie + Andrew.

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I thought this week’s Impact was generally pretty average. I enjoyed the main event 8 man tag and the Eddie Edwards/Brian Myers match. Hated the Fire and Flava segment. I don’t know how that got on TV, especially given the fact that the show is pre-recorded. 4 out of 10.