FEEDBACK: IMPACT Bound For Glory 2021

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Please leave all your feedback here for tonight’s Bound For Glory. I will be joined by John Siino tomorrow morning to talk all about the show!

The show will be available on both the upNXT and POST Wrestling feeds.

Paul from New Jersey

200 days. I waited 200 days to see Jessie and Cassie debut somewhere. Needless to say I’m happy. I’m glad they went to impact. I feel as though they might’ve got lost in AEW. Impact does tend to utilize most of its roster which I don’t think they get enough credit for. The show itself was OK. I thought Josh Alexander should’ve kept the title at the end. I will say I did find it funny that alexander’s wife and child were in the ring to watch moose take the title. Overall, I had fun watching the show. :australia::australia:


Brandon from Oshawa

Not sure why I give in and end up watching some of these Impact shows. I only decided to, because I thought something or someone surprising might show up and in typical TNA fashion, we get the KISS Demon.

I don’t think the AEW/Impact partnership was what anyone was hoping it would be. I did enjoy seeing the Good Brothers in AEW and I will miss them if this partnership is over. I would have liked to see more women crossover and I think Impact dropped the ball on building one of their own to take the title back.

Yes, Josh Alexander has been built well to the main event level, but that should have been the ultimate goal of this story, not immediately transferring the title to Moose. I don’t hate that finish, I just don’t think they got what they should have out of everything.

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Thought there was some good stuff on the show. The men’s tag match was fun, although it was undercut a bit by the finish. I’d rather anyone but Bey have taken the pin. I thought the women’s title match was the best one Purazzo has had since she beat Jordynne Grace to win the title, which seems fitting.

But oh man, to translate an expression from my Quebecois neighbours, they are going to eat a car of shit over that ending. I don’t hate the idea of a cash-in but it seemed like a stunt more than a serious plan. I guess the idea is that Alexander will become an even bigger baby face by seeking to avenge the loss… Time will tell. Gave me serious Kenta attacking Naito at Wrestle Kingdom vibes, except that at least Naito got to keep his belts.

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Don’t get the much of the negativity on the ending. I understand not always going for ‘the heat,’ but Moose has been ready for a title run since he turned heel in 2018 and has the ability both in the ring and on the mic to be the big bad that Alexander eventually overcomes. Sorry, but Christian ain’t the big bad; that match fucked, but I doubt we see him in 2022 tbh, so making a top heel who is despicable enough to to murder you in the ring while your family is celebrating your crowning achievement and commentary is crying on your behalf seems like a great way to have a 1a and 1b going forward. John Cena needed an Edge, and Josh Alexander needs a Moose to keep things interesting.

Otherwise, great PPV, glad I bought it. Final point: thank the flying spaghetti monster that a major company is willing to present intergender wrestling. And for the people who say “it’s not my cup of tea,” good performers are good performers; if you don’t think, say, Josh Alexander and Jordynne Grace can put on a banger because one’s a man and one’s a woman, pull your head out of the sand.

Def looking forward to Impact television; do you guys plan on bringing back Deep Impact at all?

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Robbie, from London, Ontario. Just finished up the ppv this morning (I’m an early morning worker so I wanted to be awake for the main event lol) but I really enjoyed this show. I was always high on the Iconics so seeing the Inspiration debut and take the titles was fine by me, I especially loved the dynamic between them and Rosemary. The X division title match was amazing, seeing my gf mark out for Treys win made it even more special. The Gaunlet and the tag titles were both fun enough to keep it a good show for me, and the final two matches really rocked! Although I was pissed at Moose stealing the title, I agree it set up the ultimate villain for Josh. Excited for what comes of the next taping and how Suzuki fits in!