FEEDBACK: IMPACT Slammiversary

If you have any feedback for IMPACT Slammiversary, post it below.

Our Slammiversary POST Show will be released late tonight for POST Wrestling Café members.

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Robbie from London, Ontario

Great show, although cause of work I can’t watch the entire show tonight, I have absolutely loved this show. The pre show was fun, main show though has been great. Ultimate X was fantastic and a big surprise in the finish, I was very happy to see RoseValkerie win the tag titles, Monsters Ball, although not my typical style choice I thought was fantastic. The tag titles wasn’t top notch for me but I got to see one of my fav teams of all time return. And can we talk about that AJ Styles video?? Surprising but incredibly classy, loved to see it, looking forward to the rest of the show

Hugh from Melbourne, Australia,
Normally I’d be at work during the day here but I caught COVID. Silver lining, I got to watch a North American PPV live! I thought Impact put on a really tremendous show tonight. The Ultimate X match was absolutely insane. The Monster’s Ball was an incredible hardcore match, and the 10-man tag was just the right amount of LOLTNA overbooking. Nice for the Hebners to get a prominent spot too.
I thought the Queen of the Mountain match ended up pretty good but I do wish there were graphics on the bottom of the screen or on the tron in the arena to display who’s eligible to make things easier to follow. The main event delivered in spades as well.
The show really made me wonder why Impact couldn’t get a representative in the G1 especially after Ace Austin’s stellar Super Jr run. Frankly I think New Japan gets more out of their relationship with Impact than they have with AEW, especially in terms of continuing New Japan storylines on American soil.
I usually can’t catch American wrestling live, so POST is my go-to site to stay up to date. Thanks for all the great work you do, see you in the G1 season

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