FEEDBACK: Impact Wrestling Rebellion

Leave us your feedback and comments coming out of Impact Wrestling’s Rebellion pay-per-view from Toronto.

Tune in later tonight for our POST Show with Nate Milton joining me.


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0 voters

Man what a great show from the Knockout Match between Tessa and Gail from the main event of the tag tittle match the six man tag the world championship match this was a great show cant wait for Slamaversary. Question what is up with this Impact Plus network first time hearing about it

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Brandon from Oshawa

I did not get a chance to watch the show tonight, but as of late I’ve been getting more into the Impact product. I really like the roster they have put together. Its going to take more time, but they are wiping away the bad taste I’ve had for their product over the last few years.

The product is seen by so few people now though and I’m curious about your opinions on why someone would choose to sign with Impact, over staying out on the indies or going to AEW? You’d have to think AEW would have had their eyes on some of the talent that Impact has signed recently, Jordynne Grace is someone that comes to mind. Besides money, there doesnt seem to be much of an upside of choosing to sign with Impact.

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My dearest Judas Macias

It’s been a minute since we spoke matter of fact this is the first we ever spoke Nate Milton and I’m a fan. Anywhoo this is my first impact/tna show since Lockdown with Danny “IF THERE ARE MEN WITH LESS THAN A TURTLE NECK SHAKE YOUR FOUNDATIONS” Bonaduce and it was a hoot. The women tore the house down, LAX and the Lucha Brothers nearly killed each other it was fun happy Greek Easter.


-Doug Ford said he was open to reviewing fundraising loopholes, thoughts

-why does Tesla Blanchard’s jawline look like the rock of Gibraltar

-did you notice that Rich Swann looked like R-Truth with that haircut or was it just me

-Nate any chance my Sixers can slow down Kahwai

-Bryan Cage and Johnny Foxwoods was meh

I’m out of here peace

Jalen from Pickering,

Was there live. Every match on this card underdelivered for me, except for the 6-Man Tag. The crowd was noticeably smaller than Slammiversary, and only seemed to be there to see crazy spots with no interest in the storylines.
Unfortunately these crowds feel more common and almost robotic. They won’t be that engaged, but once you go off a ramp, use a weapon, or kick out of a finisher, then they’re cheering and calling it awesome. I don’t know what it says about wrestling that they essentially did that on every match tonight and the crowd bit every time.

Finally, props to everyone involved in the world title match. It was garbage and the spot was stupid, but everyone did a group of safely getting through a match with a clearly out of it Cage.

Question: Can Elgin cut good promos? Or is he joining the rest of the jacked guys who can’t talk in their main event scene?

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