FEEDBACK: ITV World Of Sport Wrestling Re-Debuts. A BWE Special

Hey all, it’s a monumental day for British Wrestling as NXT UK start taping for their new series in Cambridge and ITV World Of Sport Wrestling re-debuts on Primetime Saturday Night 5PM tonight.

We’ll be recording a special episode of British Wrestling Experience sharpish when the show finishes, so leave your feedback here with overall thoughts and who stood out for you, and we’ll read them out on the show when we get to the end.


Gordon in inverkip Scotland.

Come back Monday night Raw all is forgiven. This is one of my life I won’t get back.

Firstly, the camera work. Was it just me or was it all over the place. I actually felt motion sickness during the tag team match. The fact they had so long to edit this makes it even worse.

On paper this is a fairly strong roster. But to steal a line from Conrad - who booked this shit?

The 5 man opener. No story no background nothing. Just 5 randoms. Might be the first time I’ve ever seen a dq from a rope break like that. The rest I’m struggling to remember.

You have will osprey and you use him against British David Harry smith Hart bull dog junior or whatever he’s called. It just doesn’t work in my opinion.

The tag match. This was better but again is so hard to tell with this camera, it’s all over the place. Maybe the seed of a story line between Henry and Kirby which would lead to some decent matches.

The main event went on with 10 mins remaining. Felt very slow and messy in spots. Again they have such a strong roster I’m not sure why they picked these 3 to work together to show off your debut episode.

For all I love grado, he doesn’t need a belt and doesn’t need to be in the main event. The villainous heel in rampage is a far better choice.

Overall there is so much potential here I just hope they can sort it out and improve this.

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Martin from London

The editing and camera work was all over the place - the close-up hard cam was at a wonky angle, and we had a “loving tribute” to Kevin Dunn with all the camera cuts. It’s a very hectic watch with four matches in less than an hour, and not much time to give background to the wrestlers.

That being said, Ospreay vs. Smith Jr. was excellent for the spot it was in, and Kip Sabian and Iestyn Rees look a good team. Rampage as champion will give things a different direction than the pilot teasing Grado indicated. It’s certainly not the worst televised wrestling show I’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely not my style of wrestling, although the women’s three way next week looks very good.

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Completely agree with what the others have said about the camera work. Way too many cuts and often, also, just the entirely wrong angle being used which meant moves were either missed or only partially seen.

Content wise it was between fine & good but everything in ring was hurt by the above. I cannot believe any wrestling person had anything to do with the final cut, it looked like it was done by a not very good media student.

It feels like such a shame, because the characters & the in ring talent is there & I think fast paced, ultra athletic 10-15 minute matches would catch on with a mainstream crowd. They’ve really got to go back to the drawing board and re-edit these episodes for a less jarring final product.

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Thanks guys much appreciated. Episode will be dropping soon!

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