FEEDBACK: NJPW Sakura Genesis 4/1/18

Post your feedback and thoughts from Sunday’s card at Sumo Hall.

We will have a bonus show for members of the POST Wrestling Café late Sunday night.

Dan from Long Island

I think I realized during this show that I’m just not a New Japan guy at all. I know I’m likely in the minority here, but I was pretty bored throughout and had a hard time caring about what was going on. Will Ospreay’s neck bumps are scary, and plain dumb, and often take me out of his matches. I enjoyed the Cody and Hangman vs. the Golden Lovers match, and once the main event started to pick up I was a bit more into it, but nothing else on this show really stood out to me. I do like the direction of Tanahashi vs. Okada, and could see Tanahashi pulling off the upset. I’m going to continue watching the coming shows, but I could see myself falling off at some point.

Hi Guys,

Looking forward to seeing you at Walemania next week.

Ospreay and Scurll told a great story with their match. It wasn’t your usual flip-fest, rarely is when Marty is involved, to be honest and was more brutal and not your typical Junior Heavyweight match. Loved it, hope Will is ok after that nasty bump on the apron during the spanish fly to the floor.

Okada is now set up to beat Tanahashi to break his record, but who after then? Any ideas for the next challenger? Okada has gone through nearly all the top guys now,

Cody is great to watch, great bad guy with that short down down of Ibushi after the match.

Safe travels to New Orleans guys.

Lara from Vancouver

ZSJ vs Okada was excellent albeit I’d have preferred at more interesting finish than the usual spinning Tombstone/Rainmaker combo. I loved ZSJ having an answer to each of Okada’s signature spots.

Ospreay vs Scurll was a great match up to a certain point but I found it difficult to suspend my disbelief towards the end. The match needed a finish that wasn’t just a variation of the Oscutter. Something more like the finish to Ember Moon vs Shayna Baszler at TakeOver Houston. Even then though, to be honest, the succession of Ospreay busting himself open, then taking a brutal piledriver, then getting his neck brutally stomped on over and over, and then still having the strength to survive the Crossface Chicken Wing, a relatively protected finisher, was too much for me. Fighting spirit is a great story to tell but for me they went too far and it took me out of the match.

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Brandon from Oshawa

The last 3 matches were all excellent. I don’t see anything on Wrestlemania coming even close. The highlight of the show though, was everything between Naito & Suzuki. These 2 were tremendous and I’m looking forward to that match, more than anything else right now.

I have a question about the G1, what do you think the odds are of the Young Bucks being in it, now that they’ve joined the heavyweights? They make much more sense to me than Taichi, who I have no interest in.

Rob from Mississauga

Overall I give the show an 8 out of 10. The interactions between Naito and Suzuki were so great that even with no translations for the promo’s after the match, the actions by Suzuki were more than enough for anyone to see Naito has gotten under his skin. With Scurll losing twice to Osreay, do you think that there is a chance he wins Best of the Super Juniors to set up the third single’s match between the two?

Also a G1 question, with Kevin Kelly saying on the broadcast that he wants to call as much of the G1 as he can, do you think Rocky Romero will do commentary with Kevin or someone else? This is assuming that Don Callis will probably just do the beginning and ending nights of the G1.


I thought the Osprey Marty match was really good but once Osprey hit his head on the ring apron and busted open it just felt reckless.
I don’t like how they are pitting Bullet Club Japan v Bullet Club USA. Naito and Suzuki have both had very nice pivots from Wrestle Kingdom and it’s cool to see good booking everywhere on the Card. While there are may be too many filler tags, I do like that the big matches feel really big. The final 4 tonight certainly did.

Question: for the English broadcast would it be so difficult to add closed captioning for the Japanese promos. I think that would be appealing to English speaking fans on the separate on Demand version.