FEEDBACK: NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 15 (Night 2)

What did you think of Wrestle Kingdom 15 (Night 2)?

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Brian from New York

As an enormous Kota Ibushi fan, I guess this is how Naito fans felt last year. Truly a great crowning weekend for something that was a long time coming. It is one of New Japan’s finest attributes that despite some flaws in their building through the year, one of their major cards can always course correct them overnight.

While the main event can be seen as too long, it genuinely felt like a war with Ibushi having to overcome the odds and a character in Jay White who has been built as the greatest counterpuncher in the company. Amazingly from the final shots in the ring, you can already see the dials on Gedo’s watch turn towards the next redemption arc with White grabbing for those titles. Sometimes you only need a couple different types of stories if those stories are always effective.

And for the rest of the card that came in well under the usual WrestleKingdom expectations, it felt like all of the final 4 matches either matched or exceeded expectations with Jeff Cobb finally breaking through, Sanada and EVIL finally getting it right, and Hiromu just being an utter star. For the latter, the Junior division really feels like it has new life between the two of them, the reemergence of Desperado, the rise of SHO, and some of the foreign talent that should be returning later in the year. All in all, a great event and a lot to look forward to in the coming months.