FEEDBACK: NXT 2.0 Halloween Havoc 2021

Please leave all your feedback here for tonight’s NXT 2.0 Halloween Havoc!

Braden and I will be recording LIVE on Twitch at 10:15ET!

I did it. I tuned in to NXT2.0. Only for the main event and boy was it BAD! Like really bad.

The botches, the spike job that caused hardway blood. And if they aren’t going to give him the Steiner name why are they calling his moves the same thing and why is he doing a Steiner 2K taunt at awkward times in a title match. What the heck was the point of not just naming him Steiner.

I am glad I tuned in for the worst Ciampa match I’ve seen in years. It reaffirms that this is a show better told by you guys than actually seeing it myself. If that’s their idea of main event talent in NXT2.0 then it’s not even double AA minor leagues, it’s pure developmental and shouldn’t be on cable. Go away heat bad for the brand for somebody like me who tuned in for a TV Special.

Oh and super happy Mandy got the title. She’s been a revelation. I think Liv and Sonya are untapped gems too if ever given a real chance.

God that opening women’s tag ladder (of course) match was terrible. Full of botched and way too many ambitious spots for what was Io and five green girls.

Why wasn’t LA Knight the host of the show? They can’t even follow their own stips :laughing:

The women’s division is done, it used to mean something. Just terrible stuff now. I also don’t think MSK is long for “NXT 2.0” - too small and not enough personality.

Worst Halloween havoc since 95.