FEEDBACK: NXT 2.0 - November 30th 2021

Please leave all your feedback here for tonight’s NXT 2.0!

Braden Herrington and I will be going LIVE on Twitch at 10:15ET with an all new episode of upNXT!

Way to no sell my excitement for War Games tonight. Boy do I feel silly. Thanks Friends. :persevere:

Well the more I catch parts or 2.0 the more I think I’d like it on the Network in 2014/2015.

Hey WHAT IF: the 2.0 rebrand was all long form story telling to tell this War Games story where Black & Gold goes over to restore glory!
Turn all 2.0 heels since heels do better establishing themselves anyway. It’s like a better told version of Survivor Series.

For my 2021 upYours can I request Braden vs a Sea Otter in a hair vs hair match. Thanks.

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