FEEDBACK: NXT April 27th 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for this week’s episode of NXT featuring Legado Del Fantasma vs MSK & Kushida in the main event!

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Won’t leave too much feedback tonight since this second covid vaccine dose is kicking my ass.

  • Dakota/Mercedes was just outright bad. It fell completely flat, especially since all three women involved are clear cut heels.

  • Is Toni Storm the biggest loser in the NXT Women’s Division right now? She hasn’t won a match since December of last year.

  • Gonna say that Johnny and Candice sent those flowers/chocolates/cupcakes to Ember and Shotzi in an attempt to break up InDex.

Anyways thanks for the review guys!

Heya, to answer last week’s question I work with people with disabilities, so it isn’t nearly as cool as the word client makes it sound.
Didn’t have much time to pay a lot of attention tonight so here’s some highlights and observations of what I did catch.
Storm losing because she refused to put away her opponent is great storytelling, but she’s gotta be in the doghouse or something because she hasnt won in quite some time. That SSP from her opponent looked beautiful, yet dangerous.
I’m enjoying Swerve’s character these days. Grimes is money, pun intended.
It’s weird the only thing holding back my enjoyment of The Way is Johnny Gargano. If it was anyone else in his position playing the part as well as him, they would easily be my favorite part of the show. However knowing what he is capable of makes it feel like a demotion, despite the fact he and the rest of The Way consistently kill in the entertainment department. It’s quite the double edged sword.
That main event was fire but damn I didn’t expect LDF to be that dominant.
Well that’s it. As always thanks for the reviews. You guys keep me entertained on long arduous workdays for many a year now

  • Ted DiBiase and Cameron Grimes is a pairing I didn’t know I wanted!

  • Man, has Toni Storm fell off lately? Winning the Mae Young Classic feels so long ago when she was a “can’t-miss” star. They need to fix that. Zayda’s SSP was pretty dope.

  • DK vs Mercedes Martinez was solid but the post-match angle made Raquel even more heelish than Mercedes…that shot of Dakota holding the women’s title had me salivating.

  • God bless Timothy Thatcher for bringing back the “shoes off” chant.

  • Indi Hartwell’s getting played like a fiddle…will love conquer all?

  • Swerve Scott works so well in a pre-taped setting.

  • It’s pretty obvious that Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly aren’t done.

  • Imperium vs Dain/Maverick reeked of tension on both sides and I hope they follow up Wolfe holding back from attacking Killian.

  • Legado del Fantasma vs MSKushida was very fun. I hope they don’t hot potato the CW title because Santos Escobar is due for a jump into the deeper end of the pool

  • I think this “Diamond Mine” vignette isn’t for a new talent but an offshoot to NXT a la Evolve.